How to Fix Black Screen on LG TV? 14 Easy Ways

Most LG TVs eventually experience a similar issue where the sound is functional but the picture is not. LG televisions are always of the finest quality, whether they are the reasonably priced NanoCell versions or the gorgeous OLED TVs.

They can, however, encounter a few problems much like other electronics. Some potential customers are especially worried that LG TV screens could suddenly go blank. Wondering how to eliminate this issue and fix your LG TV black screen to make it accessible and functional? We have listed the best and the easiest ways that you can utilize to get rid of this complication. We understand how frustrating it is when the screen suddenly goes black amidst your favorite TV show or movie.

How to Fix Black Screen on LG TV? Resolve any issues with the remote controller, unplug the TV for 60 seconds, plug it into a different outlet, and check the cable connection. Additionally, make absolutely sure that the power supply board and lights are in top functioning order. Try unplugging and replugging the motherboard, then bake it in the oven.

Thus, if you develop the necessary skills, you may easily fix the black screen. Read the guide to understand a variety of ways to make the screen functional.

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Why is the screen on my LG TV black?

Why is the screen on my LG TV black?

There are a number of causes for a black LG TV screen. The usual ones to be aware of when watching or turning on your television are listed below. Any of these causes could be a reason behind your LG TV’s black screen. Thus, it is important to be aware of all the possible causes.

Remote not working

If your LG TV’s remote isn’t working, a black screen can be a sign that the TV has been switched off. But if it is making sound, that is not the case.

Check the remote

In either scenario, you should check to see if the remote is operational first. Use the television’s power button, not the remote, to turn it on. The remote has a problem if that resolves the issue but it still won’t operate.

Troubles with the firmware of the TV

Check to see if the power indicator light is on if there are no complications with the remote. If so, the root of the issue might be software-related. The TV software may have technical issues if you don’t turn the TV off in the specified format. Another reason can be that new updates couldn’t be installed in time. Software problems can occasionally arise for no apparent reason, but you can fix them.

Failure of the TV’s power supply board

A number of different power supply problems can prevent the screen from operating normally. A significant issue is a power supply board failure. There could be numerous power supply boards inside the TV. Therefore, a problem with one of them could prevent the screen from operating normally.

Connectivity problems

A damaged HDMI cable might result in a number of troubles with your TV’s image. It might have malfunctioned or been harmed as a result of wear and tear. Alternately, the power and HDMI cords may be frayed. This might be the reason why your LG TV screen got black.

Backlight issues

You should think about if the backlight is functional if your LG TV has an LCD screen. Try to see whether there are any images in the backdrop using a flashlight. If you perform this in a dark room, you will be able to view the photographs if you are having problems with backlight.

Why is there sound but no picture on my LG TV?

  • A software issue may cause your LG TV to just have sound and no picture. Depending on the severity of the issue, the TV may display sound but no picture, no picture at all, or both.
  • HDMI cables deal with display, therefore if they are broken or malfunctioning, you may not get high-quality images. If the cable is loose, a similar issue could arise.
  • Another significant contributor to this problem is backlight difficulties. This can be a problem if your LG TV is LCD (liquid crystal display). A backlight is not necessary for the sophisticated OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV to transmit light.
  • The screen may also go black if the LG TV’s input source is broken or not switched off. The same may also take place if the source is not powered.

How to Fix Black Screen on LG TV?

How Can I Fix My LG TV's Black Screen?

There are several ways that assist in getting rid of the black LG TV screen. These methods are listed as follows:

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1.     Resolve remote controller problems

To start, try turning on the TV with the power button. If that gets rid of the black screen, you can take these simple, non-technical methods to permanently fix the issue:

  • Replace the battery in your remote control.
  • If a button on your TV becomes stuck, try pressing all of the buttons again.
  • To turn on the TV, try using the remote.
  • If step 3 doesn’t work, get a new remote.

2.     Unplug Your LG TV

This will help you fix a lot of software issues with LG TVs. Follow the instructions mentioned below: 

  • Remove the TV’s plug from the electrical
  • 60 seconds should pass.
  • Reconnect the cable and turn on the TV.
  • It’s excellent if it works. If not, proceed to the following action.

The most important thing is to wait the FULL 60 seconds. Before plugging it back in, be patient and wait until at least a full minute has passed. This will enable your TV to gently reset itself and assist drain any remaining power in its capacitors. Using the remote to just turn the TV on and off is very different from this.

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In most cases, people are able to solve the issue with this step. However, you don’t need to worry if you aren’t able to get rid of it by following this method. We have multiple other tips to assist you.

3. Reboot your TV.

Reconnect the TV’s power, then hold down the power button on the remote for roughly 30 seconds. Reconnect the TV after that.

4. Plug the TV into a Different Wall Outlet

It’s possible that the outlet is defective and prevents the device’s current from flowing freely.

In order to determine whether this is the issue and resolve it, take the following actions:

  • Connect the TV to several outlets.
  • If it functions, use the wall outlet that is in good working order or contact a qualified electrician to fix the problem.

5. Check all the Cables Plugged into Your TV

Make sure you have HDMI and power cords of high quality. The power cable may be the issue if the power indicator light is not on.

To see if these cables function, consider testing them on a different TV. Even if they seem to be in the proper physical condition, replace the defective ones. They can be obstructing the movement of the current.

Additionally, check to see if your wires aren’t unclean or dusty, as these conditions might seriously impede the connection and possibly contribute to the black screen problem.

To clean out the HDMI socket, get a can of compressed air and spray it inside of it. Additionally, you can spray an HDMI plug with a contact cleaner, which, when inserted, will clean the contacts in the HDMI socket.

6. Pick the appropriate Source (If Applicable)

In some circumstances, you will still have access to your TV settings.

By pressing the “sources” button on the remote, be certain to choose the appropriate input device.

  • Choose the source that you are certain is supplying the TV with signals.
  • It ought to be tuned to a TV source the majority of the time.
  • Go to Settings>Source>TV to accomplish that. Go to the subsequent step if the issue is still present.

Furthermore, confirm that the TV is set to the same source as your external device.

7. Switch the HDMI input(If Applicable)

In some circumstances, you will still have access to your TV settings. This is a straightforward experiment that can assist in solving our problem.

Try changing the input on your TV from, say, HDMI 1 to anything else and see if it works. This has helped people in fixing the black LG TV screen.

8. Check the Backlight and Power Supply Board

If you are using an LCD panel, check the backlight since it is what makes it possible for you to view images. Follow these instructions:

  • First, turn on your TV so that you can accomplish this.
  • Next, hold a powerful flashlight between one and two inches from your screen.
  • Your backlight is broken if you can see an image where the flashlight beam lands on the screen.
  • Unless your TV is brand-new and pricey, there is typically little use in attempting to repair that.
  • Upgrade to a new smart TV if you can.
  • Replace the power supply board if it is damaged.

9. Factory Reset your TV (If Applicable)

In other circumstances, the black screen issue will only affect your viewing experience and you will still be able to access your TV’s settings.

We are getting near to the last troubleshooting technique you can use, which is the factory reset. It’s best to back up any files you don’t want to lose before moving further because doing so will wipe everything that has been stored on your TV. Follow the instructions mentioned below: 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, select All Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Click OK to begin the factory reset process.

10. Connect with experts

The only thing left to do after experimenting with all the methods is to try contacting LG Support directly to see if they have any workable solutions that would suit you.

11. Unplug the Motherboard

Now, it is time to get your screwdrivers as we are gradually becoming more desperate but also more inventive.

Take these easy actions:

  • All of the screws on the back of your TV must be carefully removed.
  • Then find the motherboard of your TV (a photo of it is below) and unplug all the wires and ribbon cables that are connected to it.
  • Eliminate the circuit board.
  • If there is any dust, make sure it is all gone and your motherboard is clean.
  • Reinstall the motherboard on the TV.
  • Determine that all the cords are correctly replugged.

12. Heat up your TV’s Motherboard

I realize that sounds a little extreme, but if you’ve read this far and nothing has been of any assistance to you, you really have nothing to lose at this point. Why don’t we try it then?

First, we must access the motherboard of your TV. Follow these instructions:

  • You will need to do this by gently removing all the screws from the TV’s back.
  • The motherboard of your TV must then be located, and all cables including ribbon cables must be unplugged from it.
  • Eliminate the circuit board.
  • Take some cardboard and cut it to the same dimensions as your motherboard.
  • On the cardboard, place your motherboard.
  • Enough tin foil should be cut to fit the motherboard completely.
  • Put it on top to shield your motherboard from the oven’s direct heat.
  • Set your oven’s temperature to 385 degrees.
  • Put your motherboard inside, then wait 10 minutes.
  • The oven should then be turned off, with the door partially open, to allow natural cooling.
  • Reinstall the motherboard after it has totally cooled down.
  • Make sure all the cords are correctly replugged.

13. Buy a new TV

As you can see, it’s the most depressing and last suggestion we can make. Analyze the expenses and hassles involved in maintaining your current TV. Will it be worth it? Sometimes buying a new TV is the best course of action.

14, Contact LG customer support

If all of the above methods don’t work for you then your last hope is LG customer support call LG customer support and tell them your problem in detail they will give you the best advice to you.

How Do I Reset My LG TV with No Picture?

Contrary to popular perception, there are a number of ways to reset an LG TV that is not showing any pictures.

The simplest and most efficient way to do it is as follows:

  • From the wall outlet, turn off your TV.
  • For 30 seconds, press the TV’s power button (This drains any power in the device).
  • Reconnect the TV’s cable.
  • Turn it on.

Final Note

There are some situations in which you can perform the aforementioned tests and take the other actions we’ve discussed today without resolving the black screen on your LG TV. Use the technical information we’ve provided here to choose the best technician if this occurs.

The type of repairs you might require is already a general idea in your mind. Additionally, you have a general concept of when it would be best to replace or repair the TV in order to save money. At that point, you can use the concepts to guide your decision-making.

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