How to Fix Feedback Required Error On Instagram 6 Easy Methods

Having trouble with the error of Instagram?

You need to give feedback about the error but what if the error is the feedback required error? stay with me to Fix Feedback Required Error On Instagram

Instagram is the most popular platform used these days for doing different activities. Whether it is about searching for a shopping brand or getting in touch with some of the big brands Instagram is always the first choice. Not only Instagram is considered one of the biggest marketing platforms where you can watch several things of your interest. But after some activities might be possible for you to start facing some of the issues. Here in this article, we will be telling you about one of the issues which is how to fix feedback required on Instagram. Let’s hope into it. 

Why is the error Feedback required on Instagram shown?

Instagram feedback error

Most of the time Instagram start showing us some kind of error and we can’t work further on the platform. The most normal error is the feedback required error shown most of the time when you are performing any activity.  Here are some of the reasons why you are seeing this error:

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Performing the same task continuously:

Most of the time it is seen that people keep performing the same task on Instagram and we don’t focus on it. Due to this, the feedback required error shows up asking if we are human or if any bot is performing the activity. For instance, if you are performing follow unfollow accounts on Instagram and you followed or unfollowed accounts in one go then you will be shown this error. Not only this if you are liking the post continuously then might be possible you will also face this issue. Other than this will be a rare situation when this error pops out. 

Server Downtime:

Instagram sometime faces problems in terms of servers going down. If you are seeing this error and haven’t performed any unusual activity then it is from the side of Instagram. This happens when Instagram is launching a new feature or working on something and the application starts behaving awkwardly. So, don’t need to worry reach out to your circle and ask if they are facing the same issue or not.  

Going Against Instagram Policies:

We never focus on the guidelines provided by any platform and due to this most of the time face issues. The same goes in the case of Instagram where the guidelines are already given and we don’t focus on them. In the end, facing the error of Feedback required error arises and you need to wait for a couple of hours or days to get this error resolved. 

Network connectivity issue:

We face the issue of network connectivity if a person is located in an area where there are a lot of network issues. Due to this reason, Instagram will get notified that unusual activity is going on which might be not performed by a human. This can be also a reason why you are shown the feedback required issue.

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How to Fix Feedback Required Error On Instagram

How to Fix Feedback Required Error On Instagram

Above mentioned are the point that might help you in knowing the reasons behind the error feedback required error. Now here are some of the quick solutions that will help you how to fix feedback required on Instagram errors. Let’s get started!

1. Sign in with a browser

After experiencing this issue we did some experiments and landed on some of the best solutions. This solution leads the list. Here what you need to do is to change your browser and log in to your account from any browser then you can easily access a lot of features. The error will be resolved and you can easily perform your tasks. Sometimes it is seen that you need to change the password because your account will be temporarily blocked as you sign in from somewhere else. 

2. Switch your network connection

Most of the time issue arises due to poor internet connection. In such kind of situation, it is suggested that you should change your internet connection. For instance, if you are using your WiFi then you might change your network to cellular data and vice versa. If you are using cellular data and using two sims in your phone then try changing your cellular data too this will also work in resolving this issue. 

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3. Check the Instagram server

If you are facing any errors try changing the device maybe it is because the Instagram server is down and not responding properly. Try asking your friends and family if they are also facing the same issue sometimes it is seen that it is only you facing the issue. Moreover, if your friends and family also going through the same Instagram server issue then keep on reloading the team insta will be working on it and it will be resolved shortly. 

4. Reinstall the app 

Sometimes things get resolved when you install it again. If you are facing errors with opening Instagram try reinstalling it again. We have seen that due to certain updates the Instagram application start malfunctioning. Try updating it if not so try reinstalling it. Here you will be able to again using your insta account properly. 

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5. Use Instagram less

Try reducing your activity on the Instagram application. People invest a lot of time in different social media platforms. To reduce this factor the application generated a feature of shutting down and turning on after a few hours or even after one day. So, if you are facing the error Feedback required then it might be possible because you are overusing Instagram and for reducing your activity this message is shown. 

6. Check your access data on Instagram

Time to clear your Instagram access data. If you are not knowing how to do it then here are some of the steps that will help you. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get a quick solution for checking your access data on Instagram:

  1. Visit your Instagram profile.
  2. Here you will find the option of “Settings”.
  3. After you jump into the settings of your Instagram account now you will an option named “Security” click on it.
  4. Find the “Data and History” and select the option “Access Data”.
  5. After this you will be shown the account info that you need to load and once you are shown now press the icon to reload on the top of the screen.

Here you go now your Instagram account is again ready to use.

Wrap Up:

Although the error “Feedback required” is a temporary type of error but people still get panic after seeing it due to less knowledge about it. This error creates issues when we are accessing the account and blocks us from performing activities like commenting and reacting to posts and stories. 

Hopefully, the solution provided in this article will help you out in solving the issue and if ever you face this issue again you will get rid of it without wasting time. 

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If you got a problem we will answer it:

What type of hashtags to use on Instagram? 

There are several hashtags available that you can easily use on Instagram. The main purpose of hashtags is to provide the right amount of engagement to your post and people will be able to reach their desired content at the right time. Moreover, the hashtags on Instagram play the role of keywords just as we search for the keywords for different platforms. So, if you are going to be the next influencer on Instagram try using the right hashtags in your post.

How to reach out to the Instagram support team?

You can easily reach out to the Instagram team by email at the email address “” or by contacting them through the feature of “Report a Problem” for a fast response. For this you need to go into your Profile>Settings>Help>Report a Problem

How do fix the different errors appearing on Instagram?

Well, the easiest way of resolving each error is to restart your phone or tablet on which you are using Instagram. If this also doesn’t work try restarting or changing your internet connection from WiFi to the cellular network and vice versa.

Can Instagram ban your device?

Yes, Instagram is having the authority to ban your account at any moment. They simply track an account from the device’s IP address and ban it for a certain time. Sometimes a user is just banned from accessing the account from a single device and if you log in to it from any other device or browser still you can use it easily. Furthermore, the account is temporarily due to violating the Instagram guidelines. If you are facing these issues do not panic and reach out to the Instagram support team which is highly responsive to all customer issues and queries. 

Can Instagram ban an IP forever?

Yes, if Instagram notices any malicious activity performed from your IP address then it is 100% possible that they will ban your IP address forever. If you haven’t gone against the Instagram policies try reaching out to the team and they will get the thing sorted for you. 

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