How to Fix the Black Screen on Your Samsung Smart TV (15 Solutions)

Are you witnessing a Samsung Smart TV with a black screen? Is it turned on but you can’t see a picture? You are undoubtedly in the ideal position to find the solution to this issue. Your Samsung TV randomly going black is a frequent problem, faced by multiple people. By experimenting with a few different methods, the problem can be resolved. Owners of Samsung TVs have complained that the TV screen occasionally goes black without a warning or an apparent cause.  

There are some potential solutions that you may instantly ways How to Fix the Black Screen on Your Samsung Smart TV try out before rushing to discard the TV and buy a new one or spend money to address the problem. The source, the cables, or any other inputs could all be the cause of the hindrance.  Even though this is not the black screen of death, you can quickly diagnose and cure the issue at home on your own. However, some circumstances can suggest that the screen is dead, in which case you’ll need to hire a pro.  

Check the cables to ensure that the correct input device should be chosen, the power/sleep settings should be turned off from the menu, the TV’s firmware should be updated, the batteries in your remote should be altered, the TV should be unplugged for 60 seconds, then plugged back in, the TV should be reset steadfastly, and the TV should be plugged into a different outlet. 

Why Does My Samsung TV Turn On, But Show No Picture?

Why Does My Samsung TV Turn On, But Show No Picture?

Samsung TVs are renowned for having superb picture quality, but occasionally having to deal with the screen unexpectedly going dark can be annoying. It is crucial to address each component one at a time because there are many potential causes for this problem. Consider what causes the TV to go dark or whether it happens at random. Sometimes you can spot the issue by observing when it occurs.

For instance, you might have sleep mode turned on if it occurs after an hour or two of watching TV. Most of the time, the answer to how to stop this is straightforward. Consider how many gadgets you have linked to your TV as well. This is especially relevant if you use Airpods and other streaming devices with it and it has Bluetooth. 

There are numerous possible reasons for the black screen issue. Studying the causes before the solutions is a brilliant idea because they can aid in the ultimate fix. Following are the causes why Samsung TV turns on but displays no picture: 

  • The sources the TV is linked to are the most frequent cause of a black screen. The black screen problem could be brought on by a loose, damaged, or dirty cable, an inactive power source, a cable from a DVD player, or other external sources. The issue can be resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting the cables. You can use your remote’s “MENU” button to see if this issue affects your TV. 
  • If the menu selections are visible on the TV, the source is the issue. The data from the connected source is not always clearly displayed on the TV.
  • Another issue with the sources can be caused by your Samsung TV’s “INPUT” settings. The input that is actually transmitting signals to the TV may not be the one that is set to that input on the TV. As a result, the TV would have a black screen while still receiving signals from the inactive source. The next question has all of the answers for the word “sources”. 
  • Having outdated firmware may be the source of the black screen problem. Due to the numerous applications they contain, modern TVs require operating systems. To keep everything functioning well, these smart TVs require monthly upgrades. The firmware of the TV has to be updated as a fix.
  • The TV’s settings are among the less possible reasons of the black screen problem. According to settings like “Energy Saving Mode,” the display will turn off after a period of inactivity. It should be quite apparent that turning on these settings will result in problems like the black screen issue. 
  • A hardware failure can be the primary cause of the black screen. The TV may malfunction and not show anything due to a problem with the panel or a malfunction in its circuit board. In these circumstances, you essentially have no choice except to seek expert help (or a Samsung repair office). 

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How to Fix the Black Screen on Your Samsung Smart TV

How to Fix the Black Screen on Your Samsung Smart TV

There are multiple ways to deal with this issue. But because identifying the root reason is challenging, you must carefully implement each solution, starting with the simplest and working your way up to the most complicated ones. In this manner, each probable cause will be ruled out. In addition, if the TV turns on after any step, you will know what caused the screen to turn black. 

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Soft reset your TV

After 60 seconds of being unplugged, plug your TV back in. This step is feasible, so you won’t encounter any hindrances. 

Reboot your TV

Reconnect the TV’s power, then hold down the power button on the remote for roughly 30 seconds. Reconnect the TV after that. 

Examine the cables.

You must first inspect all of the cords that are fastened to the TV’s back. This will resolve the issue with any outside sources (if the problem was caused by them). After removing all the cords, correctly reattach them. Use HDMI cables of the highest caliber. You must unplug all those external resources and restart them if the black screen continues to appear and you can still see the menu selections after pressing the remote button. This will fix any short-term problems with such devices.

Additionally, verify to see if your wires aren’t unclean or dusty, as these conditions might seriously restrict the connection and possibly contribute to the black screen situation. To clean out the HDMI socket, get a can of compressed air and spray it inside of it. Additionally, you can spray an HDMI plug with a contact cleaner, which, when inserted, will clean the contacts in the HDMI socket. 

Select the appropriate Source

By pressing the “sources” button on the remote, be certain to choose the appropriate input device. Choose the source that you are certain is supplying the TV with signals. It ought to be tuned to a TV source the majority of the time. Go to Settings>Source>TV to accomplish that. Go to the subsequent step if the issue is still present. Furthermore, confirm that the TV is set to the same source as your external device. 

Substitute the HDMI input

This is a basic experiment that can assist in solving our problem. Try changing the input on your TV from, say, HDMI 1 to anything else and see if it works.

Change the Power/Sleep Settings to off.

Toggle these settings off from the “System” settings menu by pressing the menu button. Go to Settings>General>System Manager>Time>Sleep Timer>Off to disable it.

Disable the Energy Saving Mode or Eco option.

Go to Settings>General>Eco Solution>Auto Power Off>Select Off to turn it off.

Replace the remote’s batteries.

This seems easy, yet many individuals I know have found it to be really helpful. Additionally, you can try unplugging your TV and pressing each button on your remote control one at a time to check sure none of them accidentally become stuck.

Examine an alternative wall outlet

Try performing this step to resolve the problem because sometimes a specific outlet may be at fault.

Update the firmware of the TV

Choose Settings>Support>Software Update>Update Now from the TV’s menu selections. To update the TV, select “Software Update” and adhere to the prompts on the screen.

 Factory reset your TV

Let’s try a more radical option if nothing else appears to be working. Follow these instructions to factory reset your TV:

  • Your remote control’s Menu button should be pressed.
  • Select Support Self Diagnosis in the Settings menu.
  • Choose Reset.
  • Put in your PIN ( the default PIN is 0000)
  • The reset procedure for your TV will now begin, and when it is complete, the TV will reboot.

Check your backup lights.

First, turn on your TV so that you can accomplish this. Next, hold a powerful flashlight between one and two inches from your screen. Your backlight is broken if you can see an image where the flashlight beam lands on the screen. Unless your TV is brand-new and pricey, there is typically little use in attempting to repair that.

 Unplug the motherboard

Although it is a little tougher to try, it could be able to resolve our problem with the black screen. Take these easy actions:

  • All of the screws on the back of your TV must be carefully removed.
  • After that, identify the motherboard of your TV and unplug all the wires and ribbon cables that are connected to it.
  • Eliminate the circuit board.
  • If there is any dust, make sure it is all gone and your motherboard is clean.
  • Reinstall the motherboard on the TV.
  • Make sure all the cords are correctly replugged.

Consult experts.

The only thing left to do after exhausting all of your alternatives is to try contacting Samsung Support directly to see if they have any workable solutions that would suit you.

Purchase a new television.

As you can see, it’s the most depressing and impractical advice we can think of. Consider the price and hassle involved in getting your present TV to work. Does it merit it? In the end, it may be wiser to buy a new TV, especially in this day and age when you can purchase a great, dependable TV without going bankrupt

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What Should I Do If My Samsung TV Screen Goes Black and I Can’t Hear Anything?

If the sound stops and the TV goes dark, there may be a hardware problem or a problem with your sources. Your TV is still in good shape if you can access the menu by pushing a button on the remote. Follow the instructions above, and you can get your TV back. Show the TV to a Samsung expert as soon as you can if you are unable to see the menu choice.

How Do I Reset My Samsung TV When The Screen Is Black?

The TV can be reset normally by going to the settings and choosing the “Factory Reset” option if you can access the menu options by pressing the “Menu” button on the remote. However, the TV can have a hardware problem if you can’t see this menu choice. It is preferable to let a Samsung expert repairman examine the hardware problem. 

What Should I Do If My Samsung TV Keeps Cutting Out?

This problem may be resolved by updating the TV or disabling the “Sleep” and “Energy Saving” options. For instructions on how to achieve these, see the FAQs above. If the issue still exists, the hardware of the TV might have been harmed. From this point forward, have it checked by a specialist. 

Final Note

Modern TVs contain many settings that may be challenging for a novice user to understand. These settings may occasionally have an impact on how well the TV functions. Playing around with these settings will help you fix the black screen problem. 

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