Affiliate Marketing: How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make Per Sale [Updated 2023]?

People are mostly worried about making an investment and trying anything new. But we will tell you how you can easily start with little investment and make more revenue. Affiliate marketing is considered one of the largest online industries. Provides vast areas to choose from different types of products or services. 

In this article, we will tell you what is affiliate marketing and how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing, and How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make Per Sale. Making money or generating revenue is the biggest factor that attracts a person to start a new venture. 

Let’s get started with what is affiliate marketing and what factors are involved through which you can make money with affiliate marketing.

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Dive into Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

If we explain affiliate marketing so it is a type of marketing that helps in providing a platform for retailers and advertisers in promoting their products. A certain amount of commission is set on it and the publisher is rewarded by it after making a sale. 

It is not necessary for you need to make a sale from your affiliate site sometimes if you only bring a lead you can easily make some amount of money on it as well. 

If you are planning to join any of the affiliate programs so it is technically free just you need to create a website. 

Different Kinds Of Affiliate Marketing:

Before you get started with affiliate marketing you must need to know what are the different types of affiliate marketing and how you can get started with it. Below mentioned are the three main types of affiliate marketing which can help you in deciding what is the best niche or product to advertise on your website and which can also help you in making revenue in a fast way.

Unattached Affiliate Marketing:

Unattached Affiliate Marketing is referred to as the type of marketing in which you are having no authority of choosing the product or niche. You are acting as a bridge between the vendor and customer and in return getting a certain amount of commission on it. 

Most of the time it is seen that people use the pay-per-click strategy so that customers click on the link and buy the product. This leads to gaining few amounts of money on each product. 

The experts say that it is not a good approach to jump into unattached affiliate marketing as you are not having a surety of how fast you can generate the revenue as the investment is zero but the chances of buying are rare. 

Related Affiliate Marketing:

Related Affiliate Marketing is explained as the type of marketing where you promote a product that is related to your website niche. Here you are having the open option of promoting yourself on different social media platforms. The social media platforms got a lot of influencers that will help in getting the audience attracted to your product. 

The only con of related marketing is that you are promoting a product that you haven’t used ever and you are not knowing what the outcomes of this product will be. So, choose your niche wisely. 

Involved Affiliate Marketing:

Involved affiliate marketing is a different type of marketing strategy here you are recommending the product or services to the customers which you already used for yourself. Here you are promoting your product on different social media platforms and using your influence to sell your product.

According to experts, in this, you don’t need to spend on a vague PPC campaign or other kinds of marketing campaigns. All you need is organic traffic on your socials and here your sales start to excel.

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How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make Per Sale?

There is no threshold amount specified that how much affiliate marketers make per sale. It is upon the affiliate marketer which type of affiliate marketing they are choosing and what type of strategy they are making. 

Here are some points which can help you in knowing how much affiliate marketers make per sale.

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Average Affiliate Commission Rate:

As there are many different types of affiliate marketing plans people are more interested in knowing how much affiliate marketers make per sale. So, every platform commission varies and starts from 1% to ranges up to 200%.

Well, this is mostly what a person gets as an affiliate commission. But when talking about the average affiliate commission rate it is between 5% to 30%.

Product or service sales

Product or service sales volume also affects how much affiliates make per sale. Higher-volume affiliates make more money than lower-volume affiliates. However, even high-volume affiliates can earn a modest income if they sell a large number of products or services each month.

Calculate The Factors Involved In Deciding The Average Commission Rate Of An Affiliate Marketer:

Before jumping into deciding the cost of an affiliate product or how much affiliate marketers make per sale. You must do some calculations about the resources you might be needing on deciding. 

Here are some of the factors that are involved in deciding the cost of an affiliate product:


It is not necessary that if you are having a high commission product it will also result in high revenue. That is the reason why experts say to do the calculation before deciding the cost of an affiliate product. Following are the key points that you must check about a product:

  • Choose the product wisely.
  • Check the actual cost of the product or service.
  • See the revenue you can make after selling the product.
  • If you are going to be a part of a referral program look for the recurring commission you can make on it.
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Choose the right audience:

Not every audience is made for your business or product. You need to do in-depth research on the audience you are choosing and check out for the trends to follow. The selection of the audience is based on different demographics like age, gender, occupation, region, etc. There are many other kinds of factors involved while choosing the target audience but these are some of the major ones. 

For targeting a specific audience you can also reach out to the influencers who are directly dealing with the products you are selling. This can help you a lot as compared to running ads and then getting a certain amount of sales. 

The only point here is you need to research a lot about the audience you are targeting and what type of product or service will build an interest to purchase it from your website. 

Do Comparison:

When we say make the comparison with that we mean you need to do the research of your competitor. 

See the insights of your competitors that what keywords they are targeting how much commission they are making per sale and what is the target audience of your affiliate marketing site. 

Furthermore, do a deep insight into your product and how much the audience is interested in your product. 

Note: For calculating the commission you need to see the revenue earned per sale x the number of sales you can make per month.

These are some of the things that will help you out in calculating the commission you can make while running an affiliate program. 

Advantages of Joining Any Affiliate Program:

Before making any kind of investment you also look forward to the pros of affiliate marketing this can help you in making a better decision and choosing the right affiliate program for your website:

1. Big Commission Affiliate Programs:

There are different types of affiliate programs for example amazon affiliate program, HubSpot, and many more. These are some of the big commission websites that are providing commissions above 100%. Therefore, you need to keenly study each affiliate program and then jump into it for making good revenue. 

2. Yearly Growth

If you are doing the affiliate program with complete interest then there is a great possibility of earning double revenue compared to the past year. Yearly Growth is the primary factor that keeps a person motivated to work on a thing. That is why people are more interested in different affiliate programs.

3. Dedicated Account Manager

Every person running an affiliate program is assigned a dedicated account manager who helps them in managing and tracking the order and commission they are earning. Even if you are facing any problem there is an account manager available to solve all your issue and make you feel comfortable. 

Wrap Up:

Well, affiliate programs are considered one of the best earning resources in terms of commission. If people work hard and focus on unique content creation then there are chances to make fast money and go to the next 3 to 4 figures as soon as possible. 


How to receive payments from the affiliate program?

There are different payment-receiving accounts available through which an affiliate marketer can easily receive the payment. Mostly, you can receive payments through Paypal or Payoneer. But if you are not having these you can also get paid by other means. You will also be guided by the account manager that how you can receive a payment. 

What should be the estimated cost for the affiliate program commission?

The estimated cost when you are starting an affiliate program is between 5% to 30%. It can be more depending upon the platform you are choosing. 

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