How to Call Anonymously? 6 Easy Methods [Updated 2023]

You want to How to Call Anonymously to someone?

Making an anonymous call enables you to avoid having your name and mobile number shown on the recipient’s phone. You can call anyone by using this method without risking identity disclosure. We understand that you might not want specific people or groups to have your personal phone number for a variety of reasons.

For instance, the best course of action is to disguise your identity on the phone conversation if you want to be a little playful with your friend but don’t want him or her to know that it is your calling. In addition, you can also call someone anonymously in case of emergencies or urgent circumstances. Thus, it is critical to know various methods which you can utilize to call people without letting them know your identity. 

We have listed several ways to help you call anonymously and hide your identity. You can use the following methods to call someone anonymously. 

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Methods How to Call Anonymously?

Here are the other methods which you can utilize to call people anonymously without letting them know your identity. 

Method 1: Hiding caller ID on Android

If you want to hide your caller ID on an android phone, you must follow the given instructions to determine that the receiver cannot know your identity. 

Activate the phone app on your gadget. You use this app to call people. The app generally appears in the bottom left corner of the home screen and resembles a (green) square with a phone inside of it.

  • Select “Settings” by tapping the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Open “Call Settings”.
  • Choose the SIM card that is currently in use. You can skip this step if your smartphone only supports one SIM card.
  • Then select “more settings.”
  • Click “Caller ID” once.
  • Select “Hide Number.”
Hiding caller ID on Android

Your phone number will no longer be revealed to anyone after you’ve implemented the steps mentioned above. While this is excellent for your privacy, you might encounter a few consequences. For instance, people might stop receiving your call. 

Hiding caller ID on Iphone

Following are the steps to hide your caller ID on your iPhone. 

  • Open your iPhone’s settings.
  • Choose “Phone.”
  • Go to the “Show My Caller ID” menu.
  • Switch “Show my Caller ID” off to disable the feature.
Hiding caller ID on Iphone

Method 2 Use a Prefix 

Determine your prefix. 

You must enter the prefix, the ten-digit phone number (or eleven-digit phone number if you’re using a country code), and the “Dial” button to make an anonymous call with a prefix.

Open your phone Phone’s app

This app is always accessible on your smartphone’s home screen and resembles a phone receiver on a colorful background. Just get ready to dial if you’re using a landline or a cell phone that isn’t a smartphone.

Tap the “Dialpad” icon

Search for the “Dialpad” icon or tab on your smartphone, then tap it, if the Phone app doesn’t automatically open to a keypad. This icon generally has a shape similar to a keypad. On landlines and non-smartphone cellphones, skip this step.

Enter your prefix 

Enter the local prefix here. For instance, if you’re calling from a phone in North America, you’ll probably dial *67. Don’t click the call button immediately. 

Type in the number

To make an anonymous call, enter the phone number. When completed, the entire number should look like this: *678085031234

Press the “Call” button

This will call the requested number while disguising your phone number. On their phone’s screen or LCD display, the recipient will see something like “BLOCKED”, “RESTRICTED,” or “CALLER ID UNAVAILABLE.” Remember that some people may have call-unmasking apps installed on their phones, so they will still be able to see your number despite the prefix. 

Method 3: Using Google Voice 

Using Google Voice

Open Google Voice 

The Google Voice app icon is a white phone receiver on a blue conversation bubble; tap it to open it. If Google Voice isn’t already open, this will bring it up on the chat page.

You must download the Google Voice app for iPhone or Android if you don’t already have it. The use of it is free. The first time you start the app, if you don’t already have one, you’ll be prompted to create a Google Voice account (you can also tap SIGN UP).

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To proceed, do so according to the instructions displayed on the screen. Choose an email account or enter your email address and password when prompted if you aren’t registered with Google Voice. 

Tap the “Calls” tab

It is a symbol in the form of a phone receiver that can be found at the bottom (on an iPhone) or top of the screen (Android).

Tap + 

It is a symbol in the form of a phone receiver that can be found at the bottom (on an iPhone) or top of the screen (Android).

Tap “Make a Call”

The pop-out menu has it. This displays the caller page. On Android, skip this step.

Enter your recipient’s phone number

Enter the phone number of the person you wish to call privately. 

Tap “Call Number”

The drop-down menu for this choice is located underneath the text field at the top of the screen. 

Tap “Call”

This will make a call to the number you chose. A phone number will be seen by your recipient, but it won’t be your own. 

Method 4: Use a prepaid phone

Use a prepaid phone

This is one of the perfect options to think about if you want to call someone privately without giving out your mobile number. Just go to the nearby market and pick up a prepaid phone. Call, then pay for it.

Markets and retail establishments frequently carry prepaid phones. So, you don’t need to conduct any further investigation to locate them. Therefore, the next time you felt like teasing a friend, head to the shop and get a prepaid phone. 

Method 5: Make anonymous calls using applications

Another ideal method to call anonymously is to use apps that allow you to hide your caller ID. There are numerous apps that allow users to phone or chat with anyone anonymously. An excellent example is an anonymous call. While it worked great for us, some people are saying that it is ineffective.

You might merely look up software that allows blocking caller identification. They are fairly simple to operate. Simply download them to your device, then use the application to place calls. The app will take care of the rest to safeguard your call information. 

Apps for Anonymous Calls


Line2 is one of the best apps to make anonymous calls. It lets you make calls without exposing your real identity. In addition, the best app for making anonymous calls to potential clients for businesses is Line2.

Without sharing your personal number, you can place business calls. You can call from anywhere and add virtual company phone lines.


If you want to call someone secretly without disclosing your caller ID, Sideline is an excellent software to use. By giving you a different number, it protects the confidentiality of your personal number. To deliver high-quality calls, Sideline collaborates with the carrier network. It has ringtones,

Caller IDs, and notifications just like any other number. You may have smooth communication using the various features of SMS, MMS, and group messaging without disclosing your identify. Although it is a free app for calling anonymous numbers, advertisements will appear. If you want to stop seeing adverts, you can sign up for its premium plan.


You can share files with your private key and make encrypted phone calls with SilentCircle. It might be excellent for making conference calls as well as private communication with landline and mobile phones.

The security capabilities of SilentCircle allow you to deploy and manage secure connections. You don’t even need to sign up for verification, let alone worry about any inconveniences. 

Method 6: Through websites

There are several free websites that permit calling, just like the applications. Simply go to these websites, enter your mobile number, and place a call. However, the majority of them have a duration limit of around one minute.

The call will end after the allotted time and you will need to make a new call. These websites include Globfone, Ghostcall, and others. Additionally, there are premium options that enable unlimited time-free internet calling anonymity. 

Websites for Anonymous Calls

Phoner Web

Phoner Web is one of the best websites to make anonymous calls for free. It is a remarkable tool for making anonymous phone calls from both your computer and your phone. From your phone and computer, you can send an anonymous text as well. To make worldwide anonymous text and call, Phoner Web gives you a new phone number without requiring you to buy a new phone or sim. Free registration is available.


Globfone allows you to call anyone without revealing your caller ID or true identity. It is one of the most widely recognized websites that are used for this purpose. You can also leverage this website if you want to make anonymous calls for free. 

Final Note 

You can adopt any of the above-mentioned ways to call anonymously without revealing your personal number. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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