How to Find Someone Online For Free – 12 Ways [Updated 2023]

A lot of us, whether we admit it or not, use the internet to track down people from our past. Whether you’re searching for a childhood friend who moved away when you were young, trying to find the identity of an old high school crush, or seeking closure after your college girlfriend broke up with you by disappearing, tracking someone down online can be worth the time and effort it takes to uncover their identity and make contact.

This list of ten ways is by no means exhaustive—there are numerous other methods available— but these are some of our favorites! If possible, combine multiple techniques when trying to How Find Someone Online For Free —this will give you more information about a person than if you rely on any single tool alone. To protect yourself, your identity, and your family, you must find out the truth before contacting anyone. The following tools will help you do just that 

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How to Find Someone Online For Free

How to Find Someone Online For Free

Here are 10 effective ways to find someone online for free

1. Use National Cellular Directory’s Free Happy Hour

If you want to track down someone, using the National Cellular Directory can be a great tool. This directory contains the personal information of over 120 million Americans, so it’s a great resource if you need to find someone fast. 

First, go to the National Cellular Directory website and sign in. Then, search for the person you want to track down. You can use their name, contact information (including email address and phone number), or social media profile. 

If you find the person you’re looking for, click on their name to get more information about them. This information will include their biography, current location, and other details about their life. 

If you need to contact the person in this directory, click on their email address or phone number. You can also share this information on social media if you want to reach out to them.

2. Google them

“Google It” is a term you’ve likely heard before. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that another approach to learning information about someone is to Google them.

About 1.2 trillion searches are made each year on the enormous search engine Google. All online users are drawn to Google’s vast database. In spite of this, you can’t always trust the information you find on Google about someone, even if you do find some information on them.

Tips for tracking someone on google

Use the “All these words” search box:

This is a good way to narrow down your search. For example, if you are looking for a person in California, you can type in “California” and “person” and put the name in quotes in the All these words box.

Search by name:

If you know the name of the person you are searching for, it will be easier to find them on Google. For example, if you want to find math Smith, just type his name in quotes it will help google to understand a specific person in the search bar and Google will show results with his name on them.

Use filters:

Google has many filters that make it easier for you to find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. You can filter by date or language is spoken among other things

3. Search for your friends on Facebook using search filters

Facebook is one of the best free resources available when trying to find someone you know. The fastest way to find a specific person on Facebook is by using search filters, which allow you to narrow your search parameters 

  • Name
  • Location
  • Schools Attended

One drawback: People usually only use first names on Facebook. This means that an individual’s full name might not be immediately visible without scrolling through all of his or her friends. 

To do this, go to the friend’s tab and then click on all friends. You’ll see a list of all the people who are currently connected with this individual. Scroll down until you see the individual in question and then click on their profile picture. Some profiles include more information about people than others, so you may need to dig around for clues about where they work or went to school—you can always reach out via email or text if you want help from a friend!

4. Perform A Reverse Image Search

If you have a photo of the person you’re looking for, you might be able to get pertinent information about them by conducting a reverse image search on Google.

Simply upload the image to Google’s reverse image tool to conduct a reverse image search. Google will search the internet to see whether the image has already been uploaded anywhere else.

By typing the individual’s name into Google and selecting the pictures tab from the results that appear, you can also look for an image of that person.

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5. Use email searches

Reaching out to someone you know (through social media, email, or other connections) can be a time-saver. You’re more likely to find success with this strategy too. If you reach out to someone and it doesn’t work out, ask for advice from that person and try another contact. 

Searching email addresses is another way to make connections without sharing personal information, like phone numbers or physical addresses. Just enter an email address into the search box on Google and see what turns up. 

Emails could lead to information about the person’s hobbies, interests, friends, family members, pets, or even previous employers. Plus, emails often contain more detail than people put on their profiles on public sites like Facebook. The only downside of searching emails is that if you don’t know the person well enough to ask them questions about themselves through direct messages via email then there’s not much of a point in looking them up this way.

6. Use Friend Seekers

If you have a first name and maybe a state or country, friend seekers like People Search will do all the hard work for you by scouring billions of profiles on multiple sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and more to find your person. This is especially useful if you don’t know the exact spelling of their last name. 

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Once you are on the page that comes up from the search, click View Full Profile at the top right-hand corner of the screen to see what information they’ve shared with people publicly. You can also enter their email address or phone number and run a search from there as well. Friend Seekers works best when you’re trying to find someone who has not done much to cover their tracks online. The downside is that the site only searches public records and not those marked private, so this option may be best used as a secondary research tool after other searches have yielded no results.

7. Use social media monitoring tools

Monitoring what someone is doing on social media can be an effective way to find out their whereabouts. Use the following tools to search a person’s: –

  • LinkedIn profile 
  • Twitter feed 
  • Facebook page 
  • Instagram account – Google+ profile 
  • Pinterest boards
  • YouTube channel – Flickr account 
  • Tumblr blog 
  • Snapchat stories (requires Snapchat app) 
  • Foursquare check-ins (requires Foursquare app) 
  • Yelp reviews (requires Yelp app)

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9. Monitor other people’s conversations: 

If you have access to other people’s conversations, use monitoring tools like Social Mention or Hootsuite to search for a person’s name and see what comes up.

10. Look up public records online

You may be thinking, Umm, I don’t want to go look up public records. We get it. Public records can be boring and taking the time to review them yourself may seem like a waste of time. But there are many free services online that you can use to uncover great information about someone and this can sometimes give you some much-needed peace of mind. You can find out if they’ve been arrested, married, or divorced, and if they have any liens against their property or judgments against them. It’s worth looking into these records to feel better informed. If nothing else, at least you’ll know for sure that your worst fears aren’t true. 

  • Records Check – Records Check is a nationwide service that allows people to search through all types of public records databases including criminal records, marriage and divorce documents, civil court filings, and more. 
  • MARS – The Mars Criminal Records Search is another way to search criminal records (as well as bankruptcy, felony warrants/arrests, marriages/divorces). And with an annual membership fee starting at $20/year you can make this investment worthwhile.

11. Check local phone books online

Some people don’t realize how easy it is to find someone on the Internet if you already know a little bit about them. Simply go to any search engine and type in their name, city, and state. If there are multiple people with that name and those general criteria, try narrowing your search by adding keywords like past or present job or other personal information. You can also use social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn to find contact information for someone if they’ve set it up on those sites. Just make sure that you’re viewing the page publicly before attempting this! That way anyone will be able to see the information you’re searching for. 

12. Use alternative search engines: 

Many websites offer free searches of public records from government agencies like birth certificates, marriage licenses, court documents, and more like Go duck GO, Bing, and Yahoo search. These databases may not be as comprehensive as commercial databases, but many contain some vital records that can help you get a start when looking for someone online.

11. Search dating sites

Keep in mind that you will only find the type of person you are looking for if they have registered on these sites. If not, then you will have to visit these sites regularly to see if any new members have joined the site. When looking for someone online, use various social media sites and personal blogs. 

  • Many dating sites specialize in helping people find spouses or partners who share their religious beliefs, personal tastes, and lifestyle interests. 
  • Matching profiles allow users to specify what they’re looking for, whether it be a single parent, a certain education level, or ethnicity. 
  • Another popular choice is an online date club where members can create profiles and browse through singles near them based on zip code.
  • If you’re trying to reconnect with an old friend from school, then a quick Google search should help you track them down via Facebook or LinkedIn.

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know where the person might be offline too

  • Are you in the same location as the person you’re looking for? If so, then your search might be simplified. Just walk around and ask people. 
  • Make sure to wear a nametag or something that identifies yourself as someone looking for someone else. 
  • Remember to also have your photo with you just in case they recognize you but not their name. 
  • It’s always better to have more than one option on hand. And if you can’t find them offline either, use social media to find them online. Search their phone number and address too! 
  • Social networks like Facebook offer helpful tools like these two. 
  • Clicking Friends will show you every single one of their friends’ profile pages, even those who are no longer friends with this person.

How to Search for People on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online professional networking website. It provides a platform for people to interact and make connections with other professionals in their field, no matter what industry they work in. We can search for people on LinkedIn by going to the website and searching for a name, or we can import a list of email addresses into LinkedIn with the Connected tool. 

How to Search for People on Facebook: 

Facebook is an online social media site that allows you to connect with friends and family as well as network with others who share your interests. You can search for people on Facebook using a variety of methods including clicking on the People tab under More at the top right corner of any page and typing in someone’s name. You can also use Friends Finder to find someone’s profile based on their email address or phone number. 


Now you should have a better idea of how to find someone online and with the 10 different techniques outlined in this post, we’re pretty sure there is something for everyone. Some of these tools might be more relevant or useful than others depending on your needs and preference. If you want to do some quick research before settling on one, try Googling to find someone on the internet, which will bring up numerous other methods for discovering people. And don’t forget about social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Once you start looking for someone who isn’t readily available online (or if they are and you just want to see if anything has changed), it can be quite the challenge. You may not know their name, where they live, what they look like etc. That’s why doing the legwork ahead of time pays off! If you haven’t done so already, check out our tips on how to find someone online using public records that provide address history and much more information that can lead you right to them!

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