How to Fix LG TV Wi-Fi Is Turned Off Problem [Reasons and 8 Quick Solutions]

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LG TVs are known for their reliable and outstanding workability in the technology industry. They offer feasible user experiences and have gained popularity across multiple countries in the last few years. However, if you aren’t aware of how to get rid of LG TV Wi-Fi turned off the problem, it might hinder your experience with LG TV. Basically, the LG TV cannot connect to Wi-Fi or the internet when it says that the Wi-Fi is turned off. You might already have or will face this issue in the future, so it is necessary to know how to deal with such troubles. 

For instance, imagine how frustrating and annoying it would be if you experience a Wi-Fi turned-off problem while watching the ending of a full thriller movie or a concert of your favorite singer. Indeed, it would be utterly exasperating. Thus, we have guided you through all the possible causes behind the LG TV Wi-Fi turned-off problem. In addition, we have listed the best possible solutions to eliminate and fix this issue to provide you with assistance in promoting a better experience.

 It is preferable to try the various solutions one by one in the correct sequence, as mentioned below. This is because we’ve guided you through the tips in accurate order, so you can try the simple solutions first rather than directly opting for a technically complicated solution. 

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Reasons Why LG TV Wi-Fi Turned Off? 

Reasons Why LG TV Wi-Fi Turned Off? 

There are multiple causes behind the LG TV Wi-Fi being a turned-off problem. A lot of software issues or glitches may occur due to which the TV is unable to connect to the internet connection. Following are the possible reasons why the TV is showing this error.

Might be a Glitch in the LG TV

Electronic devices may suffer from temporary malfunctions, which causes unfavorable errors in the devices. Similarly, LG TV is a highly reliable electronic device, but it might sometimes cause flaws and errors. It runs on a wide range of technologies, such as radio waves, electric impulses, and more. Thus, if there comes a malfunction in any of these technological elements, the LG TV causes various errors. In some cases, it becomes unable to connect to the internet or Wi-Fi router. 

Sometimes, glitches don’t require the user to perform any particular work to get rid of the problem. However, it would help if you sometimes try to eliminate the glitch by restarting or adopting other strategies to fix the complication. Thus, a glitch could be why LG TV Wi-Fi got turned off. 

 Not Enough Signal Strength 

An LG TV Wi-Fi turned-off problem sometimes occurs due to poor signal strength. This means there aren’t enough signals to maintain a good internet connection. There are a few distinct causes for this. First, there may be a massive distance between the LG TV and the Wi-Fi router. That’s why it is showing the error and is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. 

The Unconnected Devices Might be Interfering 

There is a possibility that the unconnected devices might be interfering with the Wi-Fi signals of your router. As we know, radio frequencies are used by your WIFI network to transmit signals, as well as by your LG TV to connect to these signals. Therefore, if other devices present within your area also use radio signals, they might interfere with the Wi-Fi signals. Examples of such devices include Bluetooth devices and microwave ovens. 

Thus, this can cause the Wi-Fi turned-off error in the LG TV, which is why it is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi connection. 

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Outdated Software or Software Bugs 

If your LG TV software is outdated, it can cause various errors, such as a Wi-Fi turned-off problem. In addition, due to obsolete software, the TV is not able to connect to the internet, and hence you are unable to watch various shows, movies, clips, etc., that require an internet connection to play. 

Similarly, software bugs can also cause incompatibility issues, due to which the device undergoes undesirable errors. 

How to Fix LG TV Wi-Fi Is Turned Off Problem

How to Fix LG TV Wi-Fi Is Turned Off Problem

1. Check the Wi-Fi Settings

The first step is ensuring your Wi-Fi is connected to the LG TV. Check to see if your Wi-Fi is activated or not. In addition, you need to assess if the right internet connection is connected to the LG TV. If you see that the proper Wi-Fi is connected, but still you aren’t able to remove the error, begin executing the troubleshooting steps. To check and determine if the TV is connected to the Wi-Fi, follow these steps one by one. 

  • By tapping the remote control button, you must access the settings.
  •   If you don’t find a specific button for settings, go for the Home button and then choose settings. 
  • Then, you need to select a network. 
  •    Next, select Wi-Fi connection to see if it’s connected.
  • Don’t forget to see if the right Wi-Fi is connected to the TV. 

Thus, if the LG TV shows the error despite being connected to the Wi-Fi, you must start following the steps to eliminate the Wi-Fi issue. 

2. Turn the LG TV Off/On 

You need to restart the TV to clear out the Wi-Fi issue. This process is also called power cycling or soft resetting. It helps eliminate glitches and provides a smooth user experience to maintain quality. There are two ways to reset a television:

  • Soft Restart
  • Cold or Hard Reboot 

3. Soft Restart 

The soft reboot is the first type of restart to test. It doesn’t require any technical expertise. Therefore, you should try this step before executing any other technical strategy. The majority of the background programs are disabled and reloaded after this reboot, which does not entirely turn the TV off. This is like choosing to restart your computer instead of shutting it down. 

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In most cases, this technique dismisses the Wi-Fi turned-off error in LG TVs. Moreover, it has helped multiple people resolve this issue by eliminating the glitches brought about by various malfunctions. Thus, you won’t probably require need to follow the rest of the steps to get rid of the problem. But, on the other hand, if it remains unclear and unresolved, you must try executing the additional steps to connect the Wi-Fi with the LG TV. 

Here are the steps to perform a soft restart: 

  • First, you must see if the LG TV is on. 
  • The next step is to simultaneously press and hold the power and volume down (-) buttons for around 12 seconds.
  • It will help if you keep holding until the LG logo loads and the TV turns off and on.

If the error still won’t go away, you must attempt the next strategy.

  • Hold the on/off button down for about three seconds while the TV is on to turn it off.
  • To turn the TV back on, press the button once again.

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4. Hard Reboot 

If performing a soft restart isn’t successful or doesn’t work out, then there must be a problem in the underlying hardware. For instance, defective circuitry or an excessive amount of electrical charge stored in the TV can cause such terrible issues. 

The second possibility is that some wireless connectivity-controlling software programs couldn’t load completely when you turned on the LG TV. That’s why you couldn’t get rid of the Wi-Fi issue with the assistance of a soft restart. Thus, you must perform a cold or hard reboot. This will turn the TV off, eliminate the excessive amount of charge, help reconnect the circuits, and correctly load all the programs. 

Following are the steps to perform a hard or cold reboot: 

  • Hold the on/off button down for about three seconds while the TV is on to turn it off.
  • Next, you have to disconnect the TV from the power socket. 
  • Then, you must wait about 3-5 minutes for some time. 
  • Reconnect the cable, and then turn the TV on.

Hopefully, this will help you out. If it doesn’t, you must try the following tips to connect the Wi-Fi to the LG TV. 

5. Check Date and Time Settings 

One cause for the LG TV Wi-Fi being a turned-off problem could be an underlying issue regarding the date and time settings. Generic bugs, auto-update issues, etc. can cause a wrong time and date in an LG TV.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue: 

  • First, go to the settings. 
  • Choose General and Date and Time next.
  • If your LG Smart TV is connected to the internet, select Automatic. 
  • However, if your TV is not connected to the internet, choose Manual and set the right time and date. 
  • Press Ok. 

Now, correctly set the date and time on your Smart TV. It is critical to ensure the right time and date are set in the LG TV’s setting menu. In addition, please determine that the time is accurate, considering the time zone and any manually defined AM or PM.

This will probably make you able to connect the Wi-Fi to the TV. 

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6. Set DNS Settings

You can also resolve the WIFI turned-off issue by changing your DNS. You can do this by taking the actions listed below:

  • On the TV screen, select Settings after selecting the Menu button.
  • Press on the All Settings button.
  • Then, click Network.
  • Hit the WI-FI Connection button.
  • Next, you must select Advanced WI-FI Settings.
  • Now, press on Edit. 
  • In the IP address area, type an IP from your router’s range of IPs. In the Subnet Mask, type the network mask for the router.
  • The DNS address should then be entered in the DNS Server column.
  • Now, press Connect. 

By taking these steps, you might be able to resolve the issue and connect the Wi-Fi to your LG TV. DNS servers face problems like other servers. Thus, you can update your DNS location if your DNS is the problem and nothing else seems to work. 

7. Perform a Factory Reset 

If all the above-mentioned troubleshooting ways don’t work, you need to perform a factory reset to give a fresh start to your LG TV. This method optimizes the TV by eliminating the corrupted files and removing the unfavorable data that might have caused the Wi-Fi problem in the TV. In addition, a factory reset also helps you get rid of other software problems in the device. 

Here are the ultimate steps to perform a factory reset in an LG TV: 

  • First, you must press the Power button. 
  • Now, select Settings on the home screen. 
  • Next, select the General Menu. 
  • Then, choose Factory Data Reset. 
  • To finish the factory reset of your LG TV, select Yes and respond to the on-screen instructions.

After performing the steps mentioned above, you must restart the LG TV. This will also maximize the optimization of the device and help enhance the user experience. 

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8. Change Country Settings

At times, changing the country settings provides solutions for various glitches. To change the country settings, follow these steps in the correct sequence:

  • Firstly, go the General.
  • Then, select the LG Services Country option on the screen.
  • Now, you need to choose any random country to change the already selected country in the settings.
  • Now, click on Yes.

After these steps, turn off your LG TV and then again turn it on. Now, you will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi without encountering any hindrances. Now manually change back to your default country setting. Make sure the “Set country automatically” checkbox is not selected.

Final Note

In short, LG TV Wi-Fi problems can be caused due to various reasons. However, you don’t need to worry as we’ve listed multiple steps that are effective in eliminating this issue. With the help of these tips, you can fix the LG TV Wi-Fi is turned off problem within a short time. Thus, it is important to carefully implement the strategies to attain profitable results. The steps mentioned above also optimize your LG TV device and promote a better user experience.

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