How to make a Family Tree on Google Docs (Easy Guide) 2023

Are your children wondering how to How make a Family Tree on Google Docs?

Here is the complete guide

You must have seen your children or younger siblings drawing a family tree for their school project. So, is it entertaining and engaging to build a family tree to depict the links between family members through numerous generations? Children find creating a family tree to be a highly intriguing activity.

For this reason, teachers assign assignments to kids in kindergarten through primary school that involve drawing a family tree. They can discover their ancestry and family history by using a family tree. Thus, it offers various benefits and provides an explicit family background notion to youngsters. You may use the drawing tools in Google Docs to create an online family tree. Because Google Docs now provides additional tools to assist you to finish constructing your family tree in a fraction of the time, the procedure has become more simplified and effective. 

What exactly is a family tree?

What is a Family Tree?

A family tree is a diagram that demonstrates the relationships between each member of a family over several generations. It is a chart that exhibits family relationships in a typical tree structure. It is often called a family history or a pedigree chart. It serves as a genealogy, listing all of your ancestors throughout recent and even ancient history. It describes your family and how it has developed, as well as your origins.

Why is it Vital to Build Family Trees?

Family trees can contain a wealth of information about who we are and why we are the way we are. Family trees establish property and inheritance rights, and they can be vital in supporting or refuting significant legal claims. A genealogy is usually started from the root of the chart, which is usually the individual who made it. Each box, or “leaf,” symbolizes a separate member of the family, with “branches” or lines representing the links between them.

The family tree also examines the sources and documents to help you identify duplicates or inaccuracies in records. The family tree enables you to learn more about relatives you have never met or interacted with. This strengthens your relationship with distant relatives who are still a part of your family. One learns about how precious and valuable it is to maintain strong connections with family members. 

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Steps to Make a Family Tree on Google Docs

On Google Docs, creating a family tree is simple. To create an awesome family tree using Google Docs, simply follow a few simple steps.

Step 1

make a Family Tree on Google Docs

Open your Google Docs to create a family tree. 

Step 2

Select New from the Insert > Drawing menu. There will be a new drawing box emerging. Now, you will see a new window that exhibits a drawing box. 

step to make a family tree in google

Step 3

The close-up view of the Drawing dialogue box is now active, with a variety of features enabled, including:

Family free google docs guide

Action: This menu option allows you to do a variety of actions such as cut, copy, paste, alignment, ordering, and grouping.

Undo: With this option, the document is restored to its original state by deleting the most recent alteration.

Redo: This action undoes any prior action that was undone with an undo.

Zoom: This operation allows you to zoom in and out. When you zoom in, the text is magnified, and when you zoom out, it is reduced.

Select: This option allows you to choose certain components..

Line: This action allows you to draw different kinds of lines.

Shape: This shape action can be used to create a variety of other shapes. 

Textbox: You may input the text for your family tree in the textbox with the use of this tool.

Image: Using this option, you may upload or drag & drop the image for your family tree.

Step 4 

Let’s discuss the details of the various features it offers. 

  • Feature of Action

The”See version history,” “Download,” “Word Art,” “Cut,” “Copy,” “Paste,” “Duplicate,” “Align horizontally,” “Align vertically,” “Distribute,” “Rotate,” “Show ruler,” “Guides,” “Snap to,” “Order,” “Group,” “Ungroup,” and “Regroup” are all part of the “Action” function.

  • Undo and Redo the Feature 

After the action feature, you’ll find the undo and redo feature. 

  • Zoom Feature 

The “Zoom” option appears after the “undo” and “redo,” and it consists of the following elements: several zooming choices ranging from 50% to 100%, followed by “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” options. Following that are the “Show ruler,” “Guides,” “Snap to,” and “Fullscreen” options.

  • Select Feature

The next step is to choose an option.

  • Line Option 

The “Line” option is adjacent to the “Select” button and consists of the following components: “Line,” “Arrow,” “Elbow connection,” “Curved connector,” “Curve,” “Polyline,” and “Scribble.” Each “Line” feature component can be connected to another by being attached to it.

  • Shapes

The next feature is called “Shape,” and it includes elements such as “Shapes,” “Arrows,” “Callouts,” and “Equations.” Plus, Minus, Multiply, Divide, Equal, Not Equal, Double bracket, Double brace, Left bracket, Right bracket, Left Brace, and Right Brace appear in the final “Equation.” Each element comprises a range of forms.

  • Text Box

The “shape” is followed by a “Text box” feature where you may add text based on your needs. Each component’s components have distinct capabilities that allow you to utilize them to construct a variety of shapes.

  • Image Option
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The “Image” feature comes next, and when you click it, a new dialogue box appears.

Step 5:

  • Use Open Shapes to draw any shape you want, as shown below.
Family free google docs guide drawing section
  • Select Shapes from the drop-down menu after clicking on the Shapes Symbol. In this example, we will use a rounded rectangle.
shapes in google docs
  • Once the Shape has been selected, simply click on the top center of the drawing box to move it.
shapes in google docs
  • Insert the rounded rectangle Shape again, as shown below.

Step 6

Additionally, you can only choose pictures that you are confident and optimistic about the fact that you have permission to use them. Otherwise, you would face a serious copyright problem. The space can be expanded by additional shapes, pictures, and text boxes that are connected by lines. 

Step 7

  • When you click inside the shape, you will be given the option to enter text into the textbox.
click inside the shape,
  • In this example, Granpa and Grandma are at the top of the family tree.
text in shape

Step 8

  • Now, click the down arrow next to Select Line and then select Elbow Connector from the drop-down menu.
Elbow Connector i google docs
  • In the example below, we used an Elbow connector to connect Grandpa and Grandma.
Elbow Connector
  • Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Uncle, and Aunt are now connected at the top of our Family Tree.
  • The final step is to connect the bottom family members of your family tree.
  • Elbow Connector is used to connect Bro and Sis.

Step 9

Click “Save & Close” once your diagram is completed.

Step 10

You may now finish your family tree in Google Docs.

How Do I Share A Family Tree In Google Docs?

You can easily share the tree if you wish to share your Google Docs family tree. Yes, you can easily share your Google Docs tree by following a few simple steps. Here are a few straightforward instructions for sharing your family tree with your friends. 

  • Open your Google Docs before sharing your tree.
  • The obtain link option can be found by performing right-clicking on your pedigree chart.
  • You will see the share option with open access as soon as you click on the obtain link.
  • Choose a person from the drop-down menu who has the link.
  • Copy the link after that and send it to your friends and family via email.
  • You can share your Google Docs family tree with this approach. Keep in mind that only those with a connection to your family tree can view it.

Few Tips to Create an Exceptional Family Tree 

Here are a few hints that could assist you in making an outstanding family tree in Google Docs:

  • Gather data to identify your ancestors.
  • Make a list of your knowledge, talk to your family members, gather documents and photos, and gather information. 
  • Find images and documents, jot down what you know, and ask family members to fill in the blanks. 
  • Give a general overview of your family tree. The next step is to develop something using all the data you have acquired. 
  • You should write your family members’ first and last names, as well as their dates of birth, marriage, and any death.
  • Each leaf’s blanks should be filled in with relevant details.
  • Distribute the family tree diagram.

What is the best software for drawing a family tree?

A useful tool is the finest and most beneficial family tree creator if you wish to explore your genealogy and heritage. There are numerous functions available, ranging from looking up living relatives to gazing into future generations. The best software for drawing a family tree are Family Historian 7, Family Tree Heritage Gold, and Legacy Family Tree. 

In Video:

Final Note 

This is how a family tree is created in Google Docs. By following the instructions, anyone may create a family tree in Google Docs. The majority of people find it interesting and feasible to construct family trees on Google Docs. It helps them enhance their family knowledge and builds deep connections with their ancestors. 

FAQs for How to make a Family Tree on Google Docs

What is a family tree?

A family tree is a chart that portrays family relationships in a standard tree structure. It is also known as a genealogy or a pedigree chart. By the eighteenth century, family pedigrees were sometimes referred to as “family trees,” even though the foliage had vanished and the “roots” were now visible at the top rather than the bottom of the diagrams. The nobility had adopted the tree as a symbol of lineage in the later medieval period. 

Why should I draw a family tree?

You feel more connected to your ancestry with the aid of a family tree.  You can use it to track genetic issues and family health problems. Learning your family history in relation to historical events is a useful practice. It is an excellent method to pique your kids’ curiosity and encourage them to research their relatives and keep family lore alive. A family tree is a diagram that shows ancestors and the generations of families that have been formed over time, tracing a person’s history. 

Which information is important for making a family tree?

Start by noting the time and place of your birth for you, your spouse, and any children as well as the significant dates for your parents, such as their birth, marriage, and demise. Your family tree is now at its beginning, and you can go back through the generations. Numerous formats for family history exist, including the following: A diary of your childhood that includes memories of your parents and other living forebears. a history of your family with you as the parent, including memories of your kids and other ancestors. 

What is the best software for drawing a family tree?

The best software for drawing a family tree is
Family Historian 7.
Family Tree Heritage Gold.
Legacy Family Tree.

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