12 Pros and Cons of Spotify- That You Shouldn’t Know About

On October 7, 2008, Spotify, a streaming service for music, podcasts, and videos, made its launch. The user can choose music for dance, exercise, and other activities from a playlist. Additionally, listeners can make custom playlists. With Spotify, you can play millions of songs and podcasts while listening to a variety of music.

Listen to your favourite podcasts and music online to discover new music or your all-time favourite tune. To access one of the largest music collections ever, service users only need to register. Spotify has up to 100 million paying customers globally, and it currently has an influential share in determining of the music business. 

As we know, every digital platform has its pros and cons. In accordance with the feedback and facts-based research, we have listed 12 pros and cons of Spotify. 

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Pros of Spotify 

Pros of Spotify 

Easy to Use 

Spotify is an easy-to-use streaming and media services provider, which makes it one of the best choices for people all across the world. Both publishers and end users find Spotify to be the most user-friendly platform out of all music and streaming platforms. The system engagement is streamlined and extremely enhanced across all portals thanks to uncomplicated selections and intelligent playlist-building features. 

Users of Spotify can make their own playlists, which can be instantly discovered by leveraging the search function with ease and less effort. Almost all users say that Spotify is an easy-to-use platform with unique and appealing features. 

Works Across All Platforms

The fair and equitable accessibility of Spotify is one of the primary pros of this streaming services provider. According to the feedback, the most platform-independent audio streaming service accessible is unquestionably Spotify. 

On iOS, Android, or Windows devices, Spotify provides a seamless audio music experience. Additionally, it is compatible with the most recent editions of operating systems. To handle all of your devices, you can just use one account. Spotify’s greater interoperability is one of its benefits. Both Spotify Free users and Spotify Paid membership holders can access it using the Spotify apps for Windows, iOS, iPhone, Linux, MeeGo, Open Pandora, OS X, Roku, S60, Smart TV, etc., in addition to the Spotify online app, which is accessible on all platforms.

An Enormous Music Library 

Users of Spotify have a free and premium choices. However, Spotify subscribers have access to substantial music libraries. Users may certainly discover something they like, from songs to audiobooks. Additionally, there are presently 3.2 million podcasts available on Spotify, and countless new ones are being uploaded every day.

Five different devices can use a single subscription for the premium features (save 10,000 songs). With the saved playlists, offline listening is additionally feasible. The same songs that you can listen to on your laptop can also be listened to at any time on your phone devices. 

Sharing Music Experience

You can connect your free Spotify account to Facebook or Twitter. Users can effortlessly share their playlists and available music. Spotify listening may be a social activity. Your friends and family may see what you’re listening to and you can share your favourite songs with them if you’ve linked your Spotify account to your Facebook account.

 You can link Spotify to other programmes and platforms including Rdio, Songkick, Deezer, and Google Play. This means you can access both the music in the app and the music in your Spotify account, which is one of Spotify’s key advantages. These mobile applications can navigate your Spotify music library. 

Both Free and Paid Plans

Spotify does not demand new users to pay for their premium subscription right away, in contrast to other music streaming services. On the free plan, you can listen to a playlist, song, or artist in shuffle mode and skip up to six times per hour. To access the free edition, utilize a desktop computer, a mobile device, or a website. 

With a free Spotify account, you can keep listening to your favourite music, creating playlists, and discovering new audio. Before determining whether or not to pay for the premium service, the majority of customers prefer to test out the service. 

Perfect for Artists

Whether you are a budding musician, a casual podcaster, or a huge major label artist, you may post your work to Spotify. It is one of the best music service providers where artists can upload their songs and podcasts to gain fame and recognition. Spotify may help both unknown and well-known musicians get more fans, boost their income, decrease piracy, broaden their discographies, and climb the charts. Many independent musicians and podcasters have used Spotify to self-publish and generate significant revenues from their work. Thus, if you’re an artist and wish to showcase your talent, you should begin using Spotify instantly. 

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Cons of Spotify

Cons of Spotify

Not Available in All Countries 

In many countries, Spotify is still unavailable. Most people won’t go to such an extent, but some users use VPN services to keep using the service. Although it has been made available in 56 nations, not all of them are equally accessible. In contrast to India and Nepal, Spotify is available in Bolivia, Ecuador, the United States, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

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It is disappointing if you appreciate the service but learns that it is not available in your country. 

Additionally, only premium subscribers are permitted to listen to their music while travelling abroad. On the official Spotify website, you can check to see if your location is accessible.

It is Expensive

While Spotify’s free memberships allow you to listen to a limitless variety of music, they also have track limitations and adverts that can interfere with your musical experience. This is one of the most well-known and major flaws of Spotify. If you choose the paid plan, you will be required to make a monthly payment whether or not you use the service. Instead of spending money on Spotify’s service, where you essentially merely rent your music unless you choose to buy tracks from the company, you could spend that money on 10 to 12 albums that you could buy from a vendor and actually own. 

Lack of Lyrical Features

Spotify deleted its own lyric feature. For those who enjoy reading the song lyrics while listening to them, it might be really challenging and you might not enjoy using the platform. Genius’ Behind the Lyrics and Sound Hound are two resources you can use to read your favourite album’s lyrics and decipher their meaning.

Lots of Limitations 

If a song appears on one of the 15 custom playlists that Spotify’s machine learning algorithms have created just for you, you can use the free account mobile app to listen to it in any order and with an unlimited number of track skips. If you have a free account, there will be commercials played in between songs. 

You shouldn’t use the free version if you want to stream a single song. Getting to your favourite tracks is more difficult with the six hourly skip options. On occasion, you might hear a combination of your songs mixed with music from other bands.


Users of Spotify’s free accounts must input their credit card details or sign up through Facebook, but they are still vulnerable to in-game advertisements. Others might like to watch the commercials because they act as a shuffle feature, while some people find them annoying. Poor sound quality is one of the main problems with Spotify music that you should avoid, even if you choose an ad-supported version of the service.

Song Ranking

Spotify assigns music a popularity score rather than a quality score. This suggests that songs aggressively promoted by record labels or songs that are in high demand will show up in the search results right away. This makes it challenging to identify appropriate tunes because many people disregard them because they are obscure or unwelcome.

So, get ready to dig deep and work up a sweat in order to find your favourite among the roughly 70 million digits. Alternatively, try using filters if you’re seeking real gems.

The Pros Of Spotify Premium

 Spotify premium has a lot to offer its users. for starters, it gives users access to millions of songs, which is ideal for music lovers. in addition, Spotify premium also allows users to download songs for offline listening, which is great for those times when you don’t have an internet connection. Lastly, Spotify premium gives users ad-free listening, which is a huge plus for many people.

The Cons Of Spotify Premium

There are some drawbacks to Spotify Premium, however. One of the biggest is the price – at $9.99 per month, it’s not exactly cheap. Additionally, some users have complained about the sound quality of Spotify’s streaming service, saying it’s not as good as other music streaming services like Apple Music or Tidal. Finally, because Spotify is a freemium service, there are ads that play between songs for free users – though these are removed for Premium subscribers.

What Is The Best Music Streaming Service?

There are a few music streaming services that stand out above the rest. Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal are all great choices that offer millions of songs and ad-free listening. However, they each have their own pros and cons. Spotify is a great choice for those who want a free option with offline listening.

However, the sound quality is not as good as the other two options. Apple Music is a great choice for those who want high-quality sound and a large song selection. However, it is more expensive than Spotify. Tidal is a great choice for those who want lossless, high-quality sound. However, it has a smaller song selection than the other two options.

Final Thoughts 

Spotify is a leading audio streaming platform for musicians, labels, and consumers. It has recently gained popularity across the world. . Despite its shortcomings, Spotify has transformed how people access and enjoy music and has enhanced podcasts. Hopefully, after reading this, you will have more knowledge and be better prepared to decide if the service is suitable for you. 

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