RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch: What is it, how can you install it 3 easy steps?

The Nintendo Switch jailbreak has probably caught your attention, and there are several programs that can help you accomplish it. You can also get the R4S dongle and also Acens pro from EB, both of which are very similar to SX Pro in that they allow gamers to access their games without restrictions.

RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch is a piece of software that allows you to play backups of your games, as well as homebrew games and applications.

In addition to R4S dongles and AceNS launchers, there are several different Switch modification chips available. This console appears to be the best – it supports CFW, can boot with homebrew applications and play games, and can expand the storage by up to 4TB.

SX Pro is a complete kit that includes everything you need to hack your Nintendo Switch.   Gamer’s Choice game has been developed with the world in mind, allowing hackers of any level of knowledge or expertise to play their favorite games as they see fit.  

The device comes equipped not only as an operating system but also contains all necessary tools for loading custom firmware onto existing devices – giving users even more power over what they can do legally without touching Brightcommon’s servers (and risking fines).

Nintendo Switch is among the one of most popular gaming consoles on the market. Millions of people enjoy playing games on it every day. What you may not know, however, is that there is a way to make your Nintendo Switch even better. We will teach you how to install RCM Loader on your Nintendo Switch in this article.

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Here are the Features of the SX Gear for Comparison

RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch
  • Compatibility with third-party payloads as well as SX OS code.
  • Boots a CFW payload on Switch to run on custom firmware.
  • Allows different Switch consoles to load SX OS CFW.
  • There is a lower price for SX Pro dongles and jigs of the same quality.
  • The system can be plugged in and played.
  • Team Xecuter provides continuous support.

  Features of the RCM Loader  

  • The Switch console is compatible with Nintendo Switch consoles created before June 2018.
  • The Nintendo Switch can be used to deliver Payload.bin files to your console.
  • You can modify the payload files for Atmosphere, ReiNX, and SXOS with only one click.
  • Connecting it to a computer or smartphone will instantly recognize it as a memory card.
  • • The device is rechargeable. With one hour of charging, you can send payload 1,000 times.
  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
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RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch introduction scheme

Clogging of the RCM loader for Nintendo Switch is rare but it can happen. In those cases, you need to reset your machine by following this guide! After describing how clogs form and what they do, the reset point for our reloader device will be displayed.  

 RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch digram

  RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch: How to use it?  

Just like any other jailbreak tool, you need to follow a few simple steps:

How to use Nintendo Switch RCM Loader
  1. In order to install a custom recovery on your Nintendo Switch, you will need the appropriate files. These can be found in either Reinstx or SXOS depending upon which one is installed onto an SD card of your choosing; we recommend formatting it as exFAT since that’s what prevents issues with bigger file sizes being thrown at any given time (up until 3GB).
  2. Now you should be all set up to connect your Nintendo Switch. Plug in the loader dongle and RCM jig attachment, and you’re ready to go, then put it on top of those two parts that are already there with their respective USB charging sockets—the left joycon rail section for instance will have one facing forward as well as backward so make sure they’re both lined up correctly before pushing them home slowly but surely until everything locks together tight.
  3.  During this process, press both the “volume up key (+)” and the “power button” (volume key 1st) on same time. When you press both power and volume up at the same time, the CFW breaking process will begin. The process is indicated by a message or picture. Remove the attachments for the Loader and RCM Jig as soon as you reach the main menu.  
  4. Play the best new games and homebrew applications available!
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4. Are there any risks associated with installing and using the RCM Loader for the Nintendo Switch console, and what should you do to protect yourself from them?

risks associated with installing and using the RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch console

There are a few risks associated with using the RCM Loader on your Nintendo Switch console. One of them is that if you do not follow the installation instructions carefully, you could damage your console. Another risk is that if you use unofficial software or games, they could contain malicious code that could harm your console or steal your personal information.

To protect yourself from these risks, we recommend that you only install and use official software and games from trusted sources. We also recommend that you create a backup of your console before using the RCM Loader so that you can restore it if something goes wrong. Finally, we recommend that you keep your console up to date with the latest system software, so that you have the latest security fixes.

Using the RCM Loader, you can jailbreak your Nintendo Switch console and play all of the new games and homebrew applications. However, it is important to understand the risks involved and take steps to protect yourself. With that said, we hope you enjoy using

What payload files are installed on RCM Loader?  

Everything thus far has been uploaded to the system. You can select from a variety of payload files depending on your demands.

The Loader has color-coded lights on it to show which CFW-breaking technique has been used in the list below. The RMC Loader’s + button determines which CFW you’re using.

 After pressing the + button for three seconds, the payload of the next system will appear. This allows you to move between Atmosphere, ReiNX, and SXOS.

The RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch has an easy-to-use battery warning system. If the level in your loader becomes low, pressing + for 1 minute will show green and red lights that mean it’s time to charge up or else risk losing power! Your 3-month standby timer is enough when compared with other models on the market today because you’ll always know what kind of maintenance needs to be done every few months at least – saving both money by not having any costly repairs down pat but also ensuring efficiency through regular care patterns.

As of now, the following payload files are available:

  • atmosphere.bin
  • reinx.bin
  • sxos.bin
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How to update RCM Loader?

How to update RCM Loader

The process is simple: just download the latest version of the software from the official website and follow the instructions above. Keep in mind that you will need a Windows PC or Mac in order to update your RCM Loader. Additionally, make sure to back up your games and saves before updating, as there is always a possibility that something could go wrong during the process.

How to upload payload files to RCM Loader?

  You will see the loader as a flash disk when you connect it to your computer.  

  In the field provided, upload your payload file after getting to know your computer.  


If you want to be able to play backups of your games, or homebrew games and applications, then RCM Loader is a piece of software that you will need. It can be installed on your Nintendo Switch console by following the instructions in this article. Have you tried playing backups of your games using RCM Loader? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

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