20 Restaurants That Take Apple Pay [2023 Updated]

wondering about Restaurants That Take Apple Pay?

Technology is advancing day by day and people are getting more and more benefits out of this. This goes for payment methods as well. Payment methods like Apple pay and Google pay are making people’s lives easier. Apple pay is a super easy way to pay because all it takes is to hold your phone near a debit or credit card reader or you can use your face ID or enter a passcode on your phone to authorize the payment.

In order to make paying for your food at restaurants as easy and straightforward as possible, many establishments now accept Apple Pay. This means that you can simply hold up your iPhone or iPad near the payment terminal and pay with your fingerprint or a tap of your finger. Not only is this more convenient than traditional payment methods such as cash and cards, but it also allows you to avoid potential theft and fraud risks.

You can connect your Apple pay to your iCloud so you can pay through your monthly Apple bill or you can also connect it to the credit card that you already have.

Many restaurants have updated their payment method to Apple pay. It works on iPhones, apple watches, pads, and macs. It is not available on androids. 

What is apple pay?

what is apple pay

Apple Pay is an electronic payment system that was released by Apple Incorporation as an extension of Apple`s iOS mobile operating system and proprietary payment service who captured most of the marketspace for in-store contactless purchases with an estimated market share of 73%. The service works with all contactless-enabled credit or debit cards via NFC (with the exception of Discover) assuming that they have a merchant facility to send and accept contactless payments.

Apple introduced a near-field communication-based mobile payment solution called “Apple Pay” in September 2014. It offers customers convenience when making payments on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Users can make in-store purchases using their devices and holders can pay for goods using their smartphones, without having to carry around cash or their disposable card with them – Speed is one key advantage that contactless transactions offer. The user’s credit card number and identity are usually transmitted from their phone to the point-of-sale terminal wirelessly during a transaction

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List of Restaurants That Take Apple Pay

Here is the list of the top 20 restaurants that use Apple pay


It is the most successful fast-food Mexican restaurant in the US. Their food is really good and is known for its easy and customizable options.

To make things work even faster try using Apple pay.


Dunkin donuts is a sister company of Baskin robbins and have recently rebranded to just Dunkin to decrease its core emphasis on doughnuts. 

They have many popular products like iced coffee, munchkins, and bagels and even they are now offering healthier breakfasts as well.


Dominos all over the world where serve its famous American-style pizza. This pizza is popular for its cheesy topping. They also offer cinnamon role after you finish your pizza.


They are known for the wide variety of wings that they offer. They are especially good for sports days meetup because people can watch sports while having their food on many televisions at the restaurant. They have franchises all over the world.


Five guys is a fast-food restaurant famous for its hamburgers, fries, chicken tenders, and milkshakes. They don’t have much on their menu because they want to keep it simple with high quality. Now they are spreading their franchise in different countries. 

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They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are mainly located in the south and midwestern US. They are good for road trips.

7. KFC

Kentucky fried chicken KFC is famous for its fried chicken. You can order a bucket of wings, tender chicken, and burgers. They are located all over the world but the menu changes according to location.

8. McDonald’s

Mcdonald’s is one of the most popular franchises in the US and all over the world. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have happy meals for kids and combo meals at good prices.

They have sandwiches and browns that are fan favorites for breakfast.


It is an Australian-themed chain with lots of options for steak.

They are also famous for their creamy mac n cheese.


Starbucks is one of the most famous coffee chains in the world.

They offer a wide variety of coffee, tea, lemonades, and juices. They also have meal packs and fruit dishes. 

They also use Apple pay to make it easier for customers.


Subway has chains all over the world that are famous for their foot-long subs. You can customize the sandwich according to your liking. 

They are really famous for their good service. They are taking full advantage of technology and are using Apple pay for payment.


Waffle House is a southern breakfast food chain that is famous for its unique and tasty waffles.

They are even open late too so it is a perfect choice for late night eatery after a night out.

They have other options on the menu as well so uh can go for them if you don’t like waffles.


It is a Canadian food chain that has made its way to the united states and many other countries as well. They are known for their special coffee, doughnuts, and many fast food options as well.

They have a reward program through which you can collect points and redeem them for free food.


Taco bell is owned by the same company as KFC and is famous for its quick service and affordable prices.

They are making it even easier for customers through Apple pay.


Rubio’s coastal grill is a Mexican-inspired restaurant. Its main focus is on coastal food and fish tacos.

They also have weekly deals which are customer friendly.


Pollo Tropical offers Caribbean-style chicken with many other side dishes and desserts.

They are famous for their chicken.


It is an Asian-themed restaurant that offers Asian food like fried rice and stir-fries. They have an open-air environment and use methods like wok firing.

They also offer modern food like salad bowls.

18. Caribou Coffee

The next restaurant that comes to my list is Caribou Coffee. it is founded in 1992. And after that, they opened 600 branches all over the world. Caribou Coffee is well known for its breakfast all over Europe. they have a variety of Tea on their menu

If you are a tea lover you should visit Caribou Coffee once and thank me later in the comments.

19. Burger King

Every burger lover knows Burger King. if you are a burger lover how should I miss burger king on my list? Burger King is the world’s 3rd famous restaurant list.

Burger King is another restaurant in this list that takes apple pay they are well known for their hamburgers and fries. I personally love burger king burgers.

 20. Pizza Hut

Pizza hut is also included in this list.  Pizza Hut is known for its pizzas and fries.  Pizza Hut has lots of pizzas on its menu.  Pizza Hut and Domino are always in the race for pizzas.

 Pizza Hut also takes apple pay in their restaurants. pizza hut is always a good experience for me.

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