How To Return Spectrum Equipment free of Charge? Quick And Easy Way 2023

Wishing to return the Spectrum equipment but aren’t aware of the appropriate way to return it successfully? There could be multiple causes for deciding on equipment, such as dissatisfaction with the connection. In addition, you are obligated to return the majority of the Spectrum equipment, such as modems, routers, and ancillary equipment that Spectrum provides as part of its TV, Internet, or voice services. We understand how challenging it is to learn and implement the right steps to determine that you don’t have to pay any additional costs while returning the equipment. 

If you have ordered something from spectrum and want to return it here is your guide on How To Return Spectrum Equipment

We have made the entire process easier and more feasible for you by providing an ultimate guide to safely return the Spectrum equipment. You have several options for returning Spectrum equipment, including UPS Return, FedEx Return, US Postal Service, Drop-Off at a Spectrum Store, and even Equipment Pick-Up. Moreover, take into account that you have 15 days to return the equipment following the cancellation, as per company policy. 

Is it Essential to Return Spectrum Equipment?

spectrum Equipment

It is your duty to return all the things you leased from Spectrum if you decide to discontinue or downgrade any of their services. Thus, it is crucial to return the equipment such as Spectrum TV, modems, routers etc. when you decide to discontinue their services. There are often other Spectrum parts of equipment that you might have purchased from the organization; nevertheless, these are typically connected to phone or TV services. You are accountable for returning all the equipment as it remains their property. 

In addition, you would need to return your current modem if you wish to downgrade a plan due to the high charges of your present package. In this case, the company will offer you a new modem that suits your needs and plan. 

How Long Do I Have to Return Equipment to Spectrum?

It is officially mentioned in their terms and conditions that clients have fifteen (15) days to return the equipment to the company after they’ve decided to disconnect the service. When you contact to cancel or disconnect your subscription, their customer service team members inform you that you’ve got 15 days to return the Spectrum equipment.  

If you take more than 15 days to return all the equipment to the company, they might charge you an additional fee. However, the representatives at the company are cooperative and offer flexibility to its customers. They might give you a period of 10-15 more days to submit the equipment. If you continue to delay, then they would ask you to pay extra charges as a penalty. 

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How to Return Spectrum Equipment

How to Return Spectrum Equipment

The leased equipment can be returned through a variety of procedures. There is no need to hassle you as the company makes it pretty easier for you to return the equipment securely. We have further made it easy for you to understand the several methods that you can utilize. 

Drop Off at Spectrum Location

The fastest and easiest way to return your Spectrum equipment is to drop by your neighborhood Spectrum office or retail location and hand the equipment off in person. There are more than 650 Spectrum stores across the country. To find the closest Spectrum Store, you may also utilize a store locator.

They will be able to account for your equipment and note that you brought it back if you deliver it to them personally. This way, the company will ensure that you returned their property, and hence, you won’t need to worry about anything else. 

Return via UPS

You can use United Parcel Service to send the equipment back (UPS). Simply bring the device to the UPS location that is closest to you. The UPS Store Locator can help you discover the nearest store if you are struggling to locate one. Additionally, their website provides access to this facility.

You can drop off voice modems, Wi-Fi routers, and more recent modems (modems accessible from the previous four or five years) without physically visiting a Spectrum facility thanks to arrangements UPS has made with Spectrum.

You won’t be charged by UPS to return the equipment because they are permitted to pack and ship it to Spectrum. It is totally cost-free. Simply mention that you are a Spectrum Client, and they will handle the rest for you. 

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Tell the staff at any nearby UPS location that you need to return Spectrum equipment, and they will help you through the procedure. Spectrum will also pay for the postage. However, once more, ensure that you acquire a receipt and verification that UPS actually collected your Spectrum equipment from you. This is the way you can show and demonstrate that you have completed the whole procedure rightly. 

Return via FedEx

You can return it using FedEx if there isn’t a UPS or Spectrum shop nearby. They are one of the most renowned delivery service providers and offer facilities all around the nation. 

If your Spectrum equipment came with a return label, adhere it to a cardboard shipping box. However, there are some restrictions on the kinds of items you can send back via FedEx. This is the list of items that can be sent through FedEx:

Spectrum Voice Modems

Spectrum receivers

  • Wi-Fi Routers
  • DOCSIS 2.0 Wi-Fi gateway devices
  • DOCSIS 3.0 modems
  • DOCSIS 3.0 gateway devices 

Determine that you attach the return label if one is provided, to the cardboard box containing the equipment. To prevent damage, take out any outdated shipping labels and properly seal the box.

Record the tracking number on the receipt and keep the receipt. Once that has been done, you can inform Spectrum about the return and provide them with the reference number. After that, deliver the box to the local FedEx location. Never deliver them to a FedEx Drop Box. 

You’ll need evidence that you actually gave them the equipment. You won’t pay a cent for the postage because Spectrum will take care of it, but you’ll need it for your records in case the Spectrum package is damaged in transit. Thus, do not forget to attain confirmation.

U.S. Postal Service 

The most convenient way to return the equipment is via US Postal Service if there are no UPS or FedEx locations nearby. You won’t have any trouble finding any of the retail postal services in the country because there are so many of them. Confirm that the equipment is packaged similarly to how you received it. Add the return label from the original shipment box as well. Drop the box off at the postal facility that is closest to you. They won’t charge you anything for returning the equipment, just like UPS.

Scheduled Equipment Pickup from Spectrum Contractors

Spectrum provides an additional benefit to some of its special customers, such as consumers will disabilities, and elder people, and qualify for other particular exemptions. Thus, these Spectrum customers will be able to get in touch with the company and schedule an equipment pickup. 

However, this is something that needs to be brought up in person with Spectrum employees. To find out what to do next, go online and use their online chat feature, or give them a call. Simply inform Spectrum Customer Service of the return when you communicate with them. A technician will then arrive to pick up your equipment.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Return the Equipment from Spectrum?

If you don’t return Spectrum equipment within the allotted 15 days, you can be responsible for additional fees on your final invoice. Therefore, if you downgrade or cancel your subscription but are unable to return the rented or leased equipment, you may be assessed an unrequited equipment cost. 

Customers who choose not to return the equipment will additionally be charged a fee to cover any possible manufacturing-related losses. This cost will also be applied if your device is stolen or lost. 

Final Note 

You must consider a few factors while returning the Spectrum equipment to the company to take care of all the policies. Business customers would not be able to return more than ten devices to UPS at once. Only individuals and consumers should use it. For instance, The U.S. Postal Service’s sole significant flaw is the additional time required to transport packages to Spectrum. You could also be fined with unreturned equipment fees.

Call Spectrum and let them know about the package to prevent that. Keep the receipt on hand as documentation. In addition, if you decide to use FedEx for delivery, get in touch with Spectrum and request a shipment box. The return label must also be affixed to the package.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above in our guide, you will be able to return the Spectrum equipment to the company with ease and without effort. We hope that this guide was helpful to you! 

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