How To Spam A Phone Number (Sign Up To Spammer Call / Text) 2023

So, you want to trick a huge number of someone?  Learn how to Spam A Phone Number. Spam text messages are the best way to prank or trick someone. spam calling is the best way to utilise the time when you are feeling wicked. Spam calling is a popular and growing subject in the world. Spam calls and text messages are the activity that has become more common these days throughout the world. It has become an obsession or passion, a hard thing to differentiate.

Here the question arises: What do you understand about a spam caller?

It is a telemarketing way of making spam calls, texts and spam emails without anyone’s consent. It was started in 2016 known as neighbour spoofing.

But why are these known as spam calls?

Just because these calls are made solicited, people may not opt for these calls.

What You Will Learn

What is neighbour spoofing?

How To Spam A Phone Number

The word “neighbour spoofing” means you receive a spam number that might be dialled somewhere around you but this call number looks the same as your area numbers and code. But these are unknown spam numbers only to make people annoyed, to make a bluff stunt or some business strategy of spamming.

The question arose as to why there are so many spam call websites. Some dark horses of our society make these websites for getting their interest darkly in their way. They may be hackers or some people of our type that are just making fun of these websites. People of such a type are not aware of these dark realities But our main purpose in this article is to get fun by using these websites and apps.

Spam calls are associated with telemarketing companies one way or, Telemarketers do not take care of the owner and can put you in a tangle. If you want to take revenge on your opponents sign up for spam calls/texts. This would be the best way to get revenge on your opponents. Nothing is worse than spam calls. If you are searching for a number which is quite old and aloof the sudden you dialled a number which is a spam one surely you are in great trouble.

They would mock you and this would be endless. Spam calls have become a popular thing to make a bluff stunt these days with the help of telemarketing companies and other sources. Telemarketing companies have made spamming and Robocalling so easy that these companies without caring a bit about the owner of the phone number, endlessly call you without your consent. Telemarketing companies use this spam and Robocalls for marketing purposes as well. The spam calls work according to the set objectives of the scammers and collects information throughout the world.

According to research, the ratio of spam calls is 48 billion per year, which is a huge number.


The information given in this article is thoroughly an educational idea, it completely depends on you how you use this information, and we are not answerable for it. 

Popular websites for registering numbers for spam calls

Websites to Spam a Phone Number

so, let’s come to the main point of the article. Here are the top ways to spam a phone number listed below;

  • Send Random Facts
  • Spoof Box
  • Blow up the phone

Let us discuss these service websites briefly.

Send Random Facts

you can use this website if you want to send your targeted person the facts about a random animal or an object. You will decide for yourself which fact about which animal or object you want to send. You will also decide how many facts you are going to send your targeted person.

Pros and Cons of the Website

This website allows spammers to prank people in a manner that is non-aggressive. This website is a paid website. 

Costs and Charges

The website has some fees to offer their services. The users or spammers need to pay a fee of $3 to send 50 text messages by using this source.

Service Availability

The website is only offering service in the United States and Canada

This is the website that allows its users to send spam messages anonymously.

Pros of the Website

This website does not show the identity of the spammer. You can make a free spam message with a limit of 300 characters.

Costs and Service Charges

An interesting fact to make this website so popular is that it does not charge any fees. you can send messages to your targeted person for free while using a free message form available on the website.

Spoof Box

you can send spoof messages or calls while using this website. The website provides a virtual phone number if you do not want to use your own number for sending spam messages or making spam calls.

Pros of Spoof Box

This website is very common and user-friendly. There is no difficulty for the spammers to use and understand the method to spam a phone number through this website. The website also offers its application for both Android and Apple.

Costs and Fees

This is a paid service and you can make payments with the credit system.

Blow Up the Phone

This is the best website to prank someone through spam calls or text messages. This website uses different numbers to send spam text messages and spam calls to your targeted person. It is totally your choice that you send built-in messages on the website or customise them according to your own way of pranking someone.

Pros or Cons

As mentioned, there are several phone numbers used by the website to prank someone so the targeted person would be unable to block them all. On the other hand, the person receiving the spam calls and messages would not be able to identify if he or she is receiving spam calls and text messages.

Costs and Charges

The website has some fees to offer their services. The users or spammers need to pay a fee of $2.19 for 20 text messages. 

Service Availability

The website is only offering services in the United States and Canada. It is not available anywhere else.

This website is almost similar to the website ‘Blow Up the Phone. It allows spammers to send text bombs and funny random images. This website has two most commonly used pranks as mentioned below.

  1. Fake Craigslist phone prank
  2. Endless cat spam

Costs and Charges

The website is also a paid website. The users or spammers need to pay $2.19 to send 20 text messages. 

Service Availability

The website is only offering services in the United States and Canada.

Do you know what telemarketing is? And how does telemarketing add numbers for spamming, robocalling and text messages?

spam calls

Well, telemarketing is a worldwide business tool. It is a general process of selling products or services. Telemarketers work via gadgets to collect general to specific information to make a leadership plan and work for selling purposes. It not only plans and executes, but at the same time, it saves time and money and has a direct link to the individuals for business through the extraction of their numbers.

In this way, they generate a system of spam calls, text messages and robocalling through which they make a connection with thousands of people every day. This kind of tool has become a very common pursuit for every other person who knows something about phones and other gadgets. More often people use it to annoy others by making several calls and messages. But at the same time, this business tool circumnavigates people even if they have very short and zero knowledge.

So, now comes the question of how a telemarketer manages to get the numbers and add them as spam numbers for spam messages and calls.

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How to Give Your Phone Number to a Telemarketer?

There are so many organic and inorganic ways to find the numbers for spamming activities, and telemarketers are one of the service providers. Sometimes telemarketers get your number through your phone once you left it somewhere because there must be useful data that your phone memorises. Your entry for product buying can also be a big source for earning numbers for spam call activities.

Here are the two ways if you want to give your phone number to a telemarketer.

Automatic Number Identification

The numbers 800, 888, and 900 can be used to give your phone number to the telemarketer. This is the easiest and most convenient way to give your number to sign up for spam calls. The automatic number identification will record your phone number when you do this. They will identify and store your phone number to make spam calls to your number.

Sign up for many free Trials

For many products and services, marketers build a process of marketing their goods and services within free trials that not only publish their products and services publicly but also engage people to participate in them. These sorts of trials put a very expensive thing as a reward, for that purpose you have to fill up some basic information there just to participate in it like phone number, email or Gmail address etc.

They do call you to clear your position whether you won or lost the contest and offer new chances for you to avail and win the contest. Online applications which offer contest opportunities fall under this category as well. It only requires some basic information like phone numbers and other online addresses. Through these sources, you must be able to spam your numbers with spam calls and spam message

How to add numbers to spam calls and texts (Online ad running etc)

When online digital media asks you for your details like your name and number for registration of anything they sell or buy, you provide the basic and essential information to them to register yourself there. It can be a winning contest where you give your phone number at first or even, after the contest they call you whether you win or lose. In simple words, by signing up for any of the platforms we go through the different steps and fill out your personal information.

This is how the numbers creep to other people for beneficial or worse purposes.

Form filling, survey reports, Ads, Facebook, and registration for free things

Form filling, survey reports, Ads, Facebook, Online application profiles and so many other sites where you fill up your phone number is an easier task for the people who work for spamming activities on which they annoy people, irritate people, make calls, make text messages, only to bluff or prank people for fun.

But spamming activities have the best function in the form of a business tool.

Yes, it works and works at its best to highlight the services and goods to sell and circumnavigate throughout the period and people. 

Apps for spam calls and text messages

  • Dingtone
  • Fake me a call
  • MyPhoneRobot
  • Talkatone


Dingtone is the best prank call app. This application uses different phone numbers through mobile phones to prank and spam calls. You can simply change your voice and become different characters to perform pranks with your friends and family members. Through this application, you can receive and send messages.

Fake me a call

Fake me a call is another android app for prank calls and messages, 

By Log, you can easily create fake logs and enjoy your time by pranking others. Here you will find fake calls, missed calls, and fake received and dialled calls.

You can enter one number from your call log list to enter this practice.


My phone robot application is used for voice changers, fake and spoof calls and SMS that you can share and send to your friends and family members.


This is an android application that allows you to call and spam messages to prank. It is a worldwide application which is completely free of cost. This application saves time and money and of course, is an enjoyable application.

Spam flourishing sites

Dating sites

If you have signed up on a dating site you will be going to receive a huge number of spam calls

Some people would call you for mocking purposes by changing their voices and spamming their numbers.

Blow up phone

Blowup is another excellent website from where you can generate a spam call

It would be an excellent prank with your friends and family members. But be aware of the true spam callers.

Message Bomber

Message bomber is another platform from where you can play a prank by sending spam messages to the targeted person 

800,888 and 900 are numbers, the best source to provide numbers to the telemarketers for scammers with the desired phone numbers. Through the display of ads on different sites, you also get and add your number to limitless scam calls and text messages. The different offered contests on different applications and different websites also provide necessary data to publicise your numbers or your numbers.

One thing to remember when your number comes into the hands of telemarketers or any other authority that uses your number for scammers like robocalling and messages, you would not believe this activity will last with you forever—–which is a hard thing to bear.

So, we suggest these websites are the best place to add your number to public property and for scam calls and messages.

Spam a Phone Number with a Call

It is very easy to spam a phone number with a call if you do not want to use a telemarketer’s platform for this activity. You can do it yourself and there is no need to register your number on the list of a telemarketer. If you want to do so, you will need to pay a few dollars as a service fee.

Let’s dig out a few of the ways to spam a phone number with calls. these ways are;

  • Post an ad online
  • Fill out forms, and surveys, and register for free
  • Use of search engines
  • Online Marketing
  • Paper registration 

Below is a brief discussion of each of the above-mentioned strategies that you can use to make a prank with the call. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Post An Ad Online

This is a quick and super fast way with which your phone number will have a number of spam calls within no time. To receive a large number of phone calls on your phone number, you just have to register yourself on a dating website by creating your personal profile. one thing is a must that you need to make your phone number public when you create your profile on a specific dating website.

Fill out Forms, Surveys, and Register For Free

Form filling, survey reports, Facebook, online application profiles and so many other sites where you fill up your phone number is an easier task for the people who work for spamming activities on which they annoy people, irritate people, make calls, make text messages, only to bluff or prank people for fun.

Other Sources to Add Your Phone Numbers for Spam Calls

There are various sources of spam numbers for calls and messages. These numbers could be random. The availability of your phone number publicly on Google or other search engines. Sometimes phone numbers are publically associated with social media accounts and the finder scams them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online applications keep this opportunity open for scammers. 

Use of search engines

When you enter your number for small business purposes and forget to remove it after you don’t need it. The small business agents whose business focuses only on links via calls and messages. Some legitimate companies sell your numbers or call lists for various business purposes to other companies for business progression and cold calls.

The spammers are masters at finding your number from these online sources and making abrupt, unwanted and perpetual calls and messages. Sometimes auto dialling and random dialling technology lead to stealing money and your identity.

Online Marketing

With technological advancements, every business is moving to online services. Marketing strategies are implemented for smooth business operations and for business growth. Online marketing is the most popular way that is providing a lot of benefits to businesses.

Online marketing earns a bundle of numbers for spamming calls and text messages which is vicious to observe. You will receive a large number of phone calls if you have a public account on any internet site.

By posting an ad or marketing service on a website with a low price you will get plenty of calls. The tricky offers with free options will win more people to snooze your phone with perpetual calls. You will buzz out of it.

Paper registration

Paper registration is another useful way in which you can have both online or physically handwritten forms where that take the information of your identity and phone calls. By listing your phone number on different websites and applications for gambling, lucky gift schemes, and giving charity to the needy, you enable other people to utilise your phone numbers for what they intend to do. In this kind of way is much easier to use numbers as a spammy list and robocalling.

Screen scraping or web harvesting

Screen scraping or web harvesting is also another way to find numbers. Through this tool we can find hundreds of active phone numbers, mobile or fax numbers for telemarketing, business orientations with SMS marketing and business orientation as well.

You can export the searched numbers in Excel, PowerPoint, and CSV and also in text formats. Screen scraping also offers some filters to give boundaries to you according to your necessary demand.

How do public connections help in spam calls?

The public mutual connections help to find the details of the number you are likely to search. You can easily get connected and find the details from one connection to another connection. However, to make it ethical, respectful and feasible you have to be very smart and purposeful to ask the number you want to find from others.

Places to buy the phone numbers

Yes, you have this option as well. You can buy phone numbers from different telemarketing companies from telemarketing phone call list providers. These sellers sell you to potential customers by whom you will get benefits in future or it can be rightly said they will be your target audience. 

Points to remember before purchasing a number

Determine the age, occupation, income, marital status and location before reaching the contact seller.

This will specify your target audience

Ask about the contact or phone number list and whether this list has been sold to other companies before you buy the phone call lists.

If you come in touch with a new phone number list provider you should ask him for the sample numbers before paying to ensure that these numbers fulfil your required audiences.

Best phone number list provider telemarketers


Two best and most famous sites for extraction numbers 

Cute web phone number extractor

Top lead extractor

Apart from these, there are so many other extractors like

  • Atomic lead extractor
  • Miniwebtool
  • Binary clues
  • Monkeylearn

Email extractors

  • Email grabber
  • Autopark software
  • Email extractor 14
  • Email extractor pro
  • Top lead extractor
  • Cute web email extractor
  • Y-leads extractor
  • Email extractor chrome extension
  • Gmail email extractor
  • Email checker /email extractor

What is the thought behind robocalling and spam calls?

Telemarketing and scamming are based on robocalling and texting to make calls and send messages for business purposes or they can be a marketing strategy tool. They fully work to get your personal information and numbers to set up whether you are a good choice for the business endeavour for them in future or not.

This spamming call and message activity is an ugly and irritating thing to bear. But this time it has become so common in use that everyone is indulged in it.


Robocalls are also called scammers because both work the same. Their purpose is to steal consumer information and money. It can lead to large cases of fraud such as identity theft etc.


The federal trade commission sets examples for telemarketing scammers, such as;

Imposter scams

Imposter scams are like those scams in which the scammers pose to be someone like your family member, dear and near ones, your friends and even it can be a government agency for business interests a fake number or calling ID will show on your screens. It may help people to convince themselves that these scams are real.

Debit and credit scams

These scammers offer lower interest on your credit cards to intrigue people to accept their offered services. They greet people with quick improvement in their credit scores, ease in loan schemes and much more like this.

 In this way, they initially demand a fee to submit for the further process after receiving the amount they leave the people behind with no improvement in cash or any other benefit.

Business scams

Business scammers arouse people to plan their businesses and invest to gain something big from lower to high. But all in vain because it is a scam and the intention of the scammer is only to steal your money by designing a beneficial business perspective.

Charity scams

Charity scammers cheat people and ask them to do charity for the needy, poor people. The people who are stuck in a flood or earthquake which has ruined them. These scammers ask for money for the relief of the people but in the end, scams are scams.

Warranty scams

It is a scam trick in which scammers use information about expensive products with fake and worthless warranties.

Free trial scams

These trials are also fake regarding products or services. The scammer will force you to the extent that you will feel harassed. To skip this malpractice you just go for payment until it is not cancelled.

Loan schemes

These scam schemes offer guaranteed schemes to vulnerable people in exchange for fees. But if we see in legitimacy no one offers loan schemes with a such guarantee until or unless the consumer may not be bankrupt or have a bad credit history.

Lottery scams

These scammers force people to pay for shipping by saying that they have won the prize. But their only intention is to steal the money and information.

Travel scams

Lottery scams and travel scams are similar scamming practices that both offer “free “trials. All the things shown in the scheme are extremely fake because there is no vacation with luxury but just an underground fee.

Hundreds of people are being cheated out with these scams by scam calls or robodiallers. The scammers also harm the economy by creating a perception of fake calls. Like if you have an original appointment with the doctor and the reminder call do not receive, think that it may be a scam call. In this way, you do lose your fee or any other small businesses.


To conclude this discussion we are of the view that spam calls and robocalling or texting are something that is used to prank, irritate, and annoy others. It can be a revengeful practice but at the same time a wicked one. it can also be a purposeful activity in terms of business marketing. scam or robocalling depends on telemarketing

Telemarketing Company is notorious in this field for spam calls, spam messages or robocalling and texting to random numbers.

Telemarketers are professional at intriguing people to spend money on things they offer. This results in unlimited calls and messages to recall you again and again to purchase their goods.

According to research, the ratio of spam calls is 48 billion per year, which is a huge number and this number is increasing day by day.

Ask yourself a few questions, such as;

Is a prank call ethical? Do you get the satisfaction to annoy and waste others’ time and money? Is it a waste of time and mental health?

If you will consider these things you will have an inner answer before you indulge someone in this malpractice and bluff.

 This article will help you to sort out the queries related to the topic and you will learn the steps, and how to add numbers for scamming.

Is it possible to sell your phone number?

Yes, some businesses and companies ask for attractive numbers which should be easy to memorise and if you own that number you may be compensated for that number in exchange. the service provider will issue you another number in return and your previous number will transfer to the company.
There are so many sites where you can sell your number. If the scammer finds your number, the scammer can sell it to dark websites and it can also be used to access your social and bank accounts.

Is it legal to Sign someone up for a scam?

Without anyone’s consent, it can be considered illegal and can be considered harassment. It is malpractice and causes danger to someone. In different countries spamming is legal with certain rules and regulations if they are not broken.

Is telemarketing permitted in countries?

Telemarketing or soliciting business is permitted in some countries with rules and regulations. A legal permit demands some rules to follow if you follow the rules it is legal or otherwise this service is illegal. This legal permission follows the orders of the federal communications commission (FCC) consumer protection act.

What do you understand about robocalls?

Robocalls are automated recorded phone calls which deliver recorded information by any person, company or political party.

What is the difference between robocalls and spam calls?

Spam calls can also be called robocalls because both are computer generated. Both spam and robocalls speak to a real person, collect information and transmit it to an autodialer. This is how the process goes on and collects information throughout the world.

How does a robot dialer work?

Robodialing is a unique method of obtaining different phone numbers for telemarketing. Robo Dialers are an active and quick service or a tool to find different and active number lists by calling random numbers.
In Robocalling, you need to choose only an area code and prefix to put. After this process, the robot dialer will dial every number between 000 and 999. This robot dialer specifies a few numbers, suppose 1 to 10 and when you will receive the call and click any number like 1. The call connects to your number and is transferred to you. In case you do not

How to register in telemarketing for spam calls?

There are so many best ways to register in a telemarketing company for spam calls to sign up, like;
By requesting credit, charitable contributions, by voter registration card, purchasing something or by participating in some contest with the registration of your phone numbers.

Do telemarketers call people only when they have information?

No, probably the telemarketers call according to their targeted list which they design before starting their marketing strategy.

How active is automatic number identification?

When it finds something happening like receiving a call or coming in connection with people, this automatic number identification system records the phone numbers so easily that even we do not have the idea. Some so many other digital affiliated people also link to these numbers and the process of spam calling activities begins.

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