13 Huge Advantages and benefits of Having a SmartWatch

Are you fond of new and latest devices? Do you want to buy something that can work like a watch and phone simultaneously?  If yes, no worries at all, we will discuss all details about the smartwatch in our latest article and will share the Advantages and benefits of Having a SmartWatch that you will enjoy after buying your own smartwatch. Take interest and keep reading till the end so you can get complete information before buying your new smartwatch.

Before we proceed further, let me share that you can connect your mobile phone with your smartwatch.  Your watch will have a touch screen just like your phone does. Your mobile phone can be connected with your smartwatch with the help of Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. Smartwatches come in different models just like mobile devices.  A few of the models do not connect your phone with your smartwatch but the latest models have this cool function.

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Smartwatch Defined

Advantages and benefits of Having a SmartWatch

A smartwatch is a device that is similar to the standard wristwatch. It does not only tell the time but offers a lot of features while integrating with the mobile phone or a smartphone.

History of Smartwatches

Smartwatches were first designed the years back in the 1970s. Do you know about the very first digital watch? When it was released? Have you ever heard about the second digital watch? If not, we will tell you so keep reading. Hamilton Pulsar was the first digital watch and it was released back in 1972.

The second digital watch was the Calcron calculator watch which has a display of nine digits. After that, a lot of watches were manufactured with the improvement in dial, features, functions, design, size, and shape.

A few of the initial watches were designed on the basis of MS SPOT. Microsoft smart personal objects technology-based watch was of Fossil and Suunto that was designed back in 2004.

Types of Smartwatches

While you are on the market visit to shop for the latest models of smartwatches, you will come across a lot of different kinds of smartwatches. There are a lot of generic smartwatches that perform activities just like a mobile phone or a smartphone. A few examples of smartwatches are mentioned below;

The Shape of a Smartwatch

Smartwatches come in different shapes, dials, features, and designs. Generally, there are three shapes as enlisted below;

  • Round dial
  • Square dial
  • Oval dial

You can choose a dial of your own choice when you visit the market to shop for a new smartwatch.  You will find many options to choose a smartwatch in a market or a shopping mall during your market visit.

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Uses of the Smartwatch

Several models are available in the market. These smartwatches are available for some specific purpose. We have mentioned four major specific functions of the smartwatch.

Hiking and Climbing

  • Aviation
  • Visual Needs
  • Diving

Let’s discuss all of the uses briefly.

Hiking and Climbing

Manufacturers have made these kinds of watches with a great focus on their durability. These watches are made to withstand drops, dust, dirt, and water. These smartwatches collect basic vital signs and can tell everything about the weather forecasts.


A lot of models are available that are specifically designed for the pilots and aviation industry. These smartwatch models have specific log books and GPS maps. These watches can forecast the weather and track it to avoid major accidents and airplane crashes.

Visual Needs

You will be shocked to hear about smartwatches that are specially designed for special persons. These watches are bought and used by special people who are visually impaired. These watches can tell the time and receive notifications.


A few of the smartwatches are waterproof that provide and offer divers with special indicators. These watches can tell about the depth, temperature, and diving time.

Advantages and benefits of Having a SmartWatch

What are the Benefits of a Smartwatch?

Just like old wrist watches, the smartwatch is also used to see the time but these watches offer a lot of amazing features too. Let’s discuss these features and pros of the smartwatches in detail.

1. Track Your Fitness

This is one of the best features of a smartwatch. You can track your health and fitness. You can count your steps on daily basis. While you are doing your workout, you can monitor your heartbeat rate.

You can monitor your sleep, blood pressure, ECG, and much more. Your smartwatch will also tell you about the calories you have burnt during your walks. Calories can be calculated with the help of a smartwatch. Your smartwatch will calculate the calories burnt on the basis of steps taken by you during walking, running, or jogging.

Let’s move to the second amazing benefit.

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2. Check Your Phone’s Location

Just imagine that you have put your phone somewhere and you are unable to find it. You are running short of time from your office and you have an important meeting so you cannot be late. Here is good news if you have a smartwatch.

The latest smartwatch has an impressive feature to find your phone with it. When you use the ‘find your phone feature on your smartwatch, it will cause a bell on your mobile phone. With the ring on your mobile phone, you can find and locate your mobile phone easily.

Here is the third feature of a smartwatch.

3. Find Your Car Key

Are you going somewhere and do not know where are the keys to your car? Are you in hurry and cannot waste more time? Do you know you can fix a key finder on your keys? Yes! It is very easy with the help of a smartwatch. To do so, you just have to use a key finder application installed on your smartwatch. With the help of the key finder application, you can find the keys to your car without any trouble.

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4. Check Location on the Map

Are you planning to go to a place that is not known or visited by your previously? Do you want to use the map to travel so you may reach your destination easily? Smartwatches have made it possible. With the mobile phone, you may get distracted as you have to keep your phone in your hand. Driving your car while holding your mobile phone in your hand is always risky and may cause serious problems.

If you do so, you should avoid this to save yourself from road accidents and it is illegal in many places by law. With the smartwatch, you can find necessary information about your destination and you do not keep it in your hand as you wore it on your wrist which is really feasible. It reduces the chances of distractions that cause fewer accidents.

5. Stay Stylish and Fashionable

Are you much concerned about the latest trends and want to adopt the new fashion? Do you want to enhance your appearance and make it more stylish at your parties and gatherings? Well, that is so easy now. You can buy a smartwatch that will enhance your appearance.

Smartwatch is different from standard wristwatches and gives a great look to the one who wears and carries it on his or her wrist. It has become the most crucial part of the life of one who loves to stay connected while working and who is concerned enough about appearance and always look for something to beautify his or her stylish look.

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6. Check Notifications

Smartwatches have another great benefit. You can check all notifications that you received on your phone. As you know, we all use a number of applications on our smartphones these days. We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and many other applications on daily basis.

All applications have some notifications. You can check notifications in your free time and skip notifications that you do not need to open. This has made the life of a smartphone user easier than ever. This feature allows its users to stay up to date and they are able to get the latest updates and information.

7. Water Resistant Watches

Smartwatches are waterproof watches and you can use them even in rain without any fear. You can use your smartwatch when you are out swimming, diving, or enjoying water sports. You can measure your swimming or diving duration with the help of a smartwatch. You can measure your distance and heart rate while swimming in a pool.

8. Set Your Important Reminders

Smartwatches are so handy and you would love to set your important reminders by using your smartwatch.

9. Stop Watch

Many smartwatches have stopwatch features in them just like smartphones have a stopwatch and a clock. You can use a stopwatch whenever and wherever you want to without having a phone in your hand.

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10. Set Your Alarms

You might be using your separate alarm clocks to set alarms and to wake up in the morning. Now you can set your alarm in your smartwatch too and you do not have to keep a separate alarm clock on your side table. Your watch has a built-in speaker and a vibration that will wake you up at the time you set your alarm.

Many smartwatches do not have speakers in them. The vibration is not strong so it might be possible that you miss your alarm. If you are a person who cannot wake up with vibration, then you must buy a smartwatch carefully after inquiring about the speakers.

11. Listen To the Music

This is another amazing benefit of having a smartwatch. You can listen to music without having your mobile phone with you. You can just click on the music library and enjoy the music whenever you want to. The latest smartwatches have an advanced feature in which you can listen to music without having a smartphone.

12. Dial a Number or Receive a Call

When your mobile phone or smartphone is connected to your smartwatch, you can make or attend calls and can easily talk to your loved ones.  To make or receive calls with the help of a smartwatch, you do not need to have a smartphone.  A few of the models are available in which you will see a built-in sim card with which you can call someone or talk through your smartwatch.

13. Place an Emergency Call

As you read above that you can place and receive calls from your smartwatch. In the same manner, you can make an emergency call too. Another option is available for the safety of the smartwatch owner. When the wearer does not respond to the alarm rang by the smartwatch, the built-in feature of the smartwatch will automatically place an emergency call for help.

These are a few of the top amazing features and benefits that you may enjoy after buying a smartwatch of your favorite design, shape, or model.

Smartwatch VS Smartphone

You can perform a lot of functions on a smartphone but smartwatches are a better version of them. While you are working, exercising, driving, walking, and eating, you sometimes do not want to keep your mobile phone or a smartphone in your hand. In that case, the smartwatch is the best thing you can have. While driving, it is always convenient to check the call, messages, notifications, and time on your smartwatch instead of taking out your smartphone from your pocket.

A smartphone cannot tell about your health and fitness but a smartwatch can tell. Smartwatches can tell about the heartbeat rate and can count your steps while walking or jogging.

Are smartwatches worth buying

Smartwatches are the latest trend in wearable technology. Many people are wondering if they are worth buying. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of owning a smartwatch. We will also give you our opinion on whether or not they are worth purchasing.

There are many advantages to owning a smartwatch. One of the biggest advantages is that you can stay connected without having to pull out your phone. Smartwatches have many of the same features as smartphones, including the ability to make calls, send texts, and access email. You can also use apps on your smartwatches, such as weather apps and fitness trackers.

Final Words and Remarks

So, this is the end of this article. We hope you have cleared up all questions regarding a smartwatch. We have mentioned a lot of benefits you can enjoy if you buy and use a smartwatch. Smartwatches perform functions just like a smartphone. Now, the applications are attached to your wrist and you can use them and check for notifications without picking up your mobile phone.

Have you found this article helpful? Please mention it in the comments section below. Cheers and happy sharing!

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