Why does my Phone say no Internet Connection? [10+ Solutions]

The smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. In today’s world, cellular needs a connection to get internet or internet access. 5 billion people worldwide use the Internet.) The Internet is one of the technologies that is blowing our minds. Web technology is rising day to day, and we all are in the trap of this web.

Moreover, there is not one way to get internet access, but there are various paths through which we get internet on mobile like mobile data, Wi-Fi, devices, wingle, etc. When internet-related things are not running, or you face trouble in operating the internet because it says No internet connection, but why?

Why does my Phone say no Internet Connection?

Why does my Phone say no Internet Connection

There could be several reasons why your phone says there is no internet connection. Some of the most common reasons include:

The phone may not have a strong enough signal. Try moving closer to a stronger Wi-Fi network or increasing the power of your current network. 

Your phone may be out of date – upgrade to the latest version if possible to improve your internet service. 

There could be a problem with your router – if the issue persists after attempting to troubleshoot with your ISP, you may need to replace your router.

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How do you get back a lost Mobile Connection?

Certainly, there are multiple reasons behind it. It can be a fixable issue, check out 14 solutions, and how you get back a lost mobile connection.

1. Restart your Phone when it says no Internet Connection

Occasionally, smartphone behaves weird, mobile data stands on, but it’s Turned down, it may maybe 2 rapid reasons

  1. Perhaps, running out of internet data, it’s a simple problem that probably has an easy answer, recharge mobile data and get back your lost association.
  2. Secondly power off the device, because when the phone is unable to regulate or difficulty arises in delivering internet services to the phone, this concern is resolved immediately by restarting the phone. On the upright hand there is a button, please press it hard for 5 to 7 seconds than an android phone this button will give you the option to choose to power off or restart the phone, but on iPhone, it shows a swipe option to turn down your mobile After that when the mobile turn on, check is your internet is working or still your device says no internet, then come to the next step.

2. There Is Something Wrong With Your Device

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet on your device, there may be something wrong with it. Make sure that you have a strong signal and that the device is fully charged. If you still have trouble connecting, please contact your device’s manufacturer for assistance.

3. Mobile data is Turned on but why does my Phone still, say no Internet

Periodically, the phone doesn’t pick up the net connection which can complicate things to run on mobile, it can happen because of multiple issues, number one is an inappropriate sim card insert, thus, causing an error. Secondly, Some smartphones have space of 2 sims, which is called dual mobile. Dual smartphones have an option that which sim cards want to use for mobile data. Wrong sim card selection, causes a problem in accessing the internet, it seems that data is on, you can see the data icon on mobile but it is not running. For this trouble, follow the steps

  • Go to the mobile setting option
  • Select connections
  • Sim card manager

Then 2 sim cards names will appear, wisely select which sim has a package of internet

4. IP Address

Mobile is a fast-growing technology and this technology is made by man, mistakes can happen to humans. The

various reason we discussed before why the phone says no internet? At this point, we seek other reasons.

  • There is one possibility that your Wi-Fi password has been changed, in case you have not owned it, you will be not aware of password changes.
  • The second reason is you need to write the IP address. Let me aware your IP address. IP stands for “INTERNET PROTOCOL”, IP address considerable to access the internet, it requires in all smartphones which are using Wi-Fi, if you don’t have or have but not working then it creates an issue in connection. Follow procedure
  • Forget the Wi-Fi to which your phone is connected
  • Again connected to Wi-Fi and write a password

Click on your desired Wi-Fi, it will show you the advanced option, in which you have to write the IP address, and click save.

5. Reset the Network Setting

The procedure of resetting network settings is, Go to the setting then, go to general management and click on the reset option. Now the question is raised why should we follow this process? Because all the related settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotspots, and data connection will reset and your gadget will refresh. Your smartphone often required this resting it is like your system needs to take a break, generally, inconveniences resolve after doing it.

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6. I Connect to Wi-Fi but can’t access it, why?

When I connect to a new Wi-Fi network, it cannot access the internet, the error signifies that your mobile window or any other gadget can’t able to connect with the network. To resolve this problem you need to check whether it comes to happen with all devices or only your device. Usually, the Internet can’t access because it is out of reach.

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7. Server DNS

Your device is working well 💼 in the school, office, and library, but when you change location go to a particular spot. The mobile driver is not responsible for browser connection always. Connection problem in URL because of DNS too. DNS is obliged to transcribe a domain name to its around IP address. In a common language, DNS is a relative of the internet. It keeps complete information on the internet, and often your browser is not able to run URLs, To resolve that problem you have to flash all known DNS addresses from your device. After that, write a new DNS address according to your internet access.

8. Required Updated Software

People use mobiles couple of years, this is an era of multiple technologies, and technology becoming advanced day by day if you have previous handsets which are not upgraded or updated software will cause multiple issues in association, and old software is not able to connect to new applications. It is necessary to upgrade mobile software for better use of the phone and its connection.

9. Nature Affects Internet Access

Climatic changes affect connection too. The best demonstration of nature causing problems in the connection is a California scenario when California Wildfire broke out it influence electricity and the Internet too. The second example is in many countries Black Out often disturbs electricity, which is indirectly connected to the internet. Some more natural disasters cause difficulties in internet connections like flood thunderstorm earthquakes etc.

10. Weak connection

Lazy internet, weak Wi-Fi, and poor signals are random complaints that users said. The reasons behind these are different sometimes wires and cables network are broken which disturbed in accessing the connection. Faulted device and single interrupt internet. Some areas are restricted to getting over the connection in a particular spot. Cellular networks are problematic it’s facing these situations.

11. You Have An Issue With Your ISP

If your phone says that there is no internet connection, it could be because you have an issue with your ISP. There are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Make sure that you are using the correct wifi network. If you are connected to a public wifi network, make sure that you are using the correct password for the network. If you’re connecting to a secure (private) wifi network, make sure that your device is connected to the same router as your computer and that your computer is on the same channel as the router.
  2. Try resetting your modem and/or router. This will often solve issues with connection problems.
  3. Check whether there is any software or hardware installed on your computer or device that might be causing interference with the internet connection. This could include programs like malware or ad blockers, and hardware like modems or routers that have been updated recently.

12. Check Date and Time

A time and date that are not properly configured on your computer or mobile can lead to a lot of problems.

If your device time and date are not set correctly, you may experience problems with your Device. Poorly configured times and dates can result in missed deadlines, lost data, or even system crashes.

Most Android devices automatically get the date and time information from your network data operator.

If you have changed the time or date on your device manually, you may need to reset the settings.

Manually setting the date and time can be a challenge if your device is restarted.

  1. To set up an Automatic date and time in the Clock app on your phone, open the “Clock” app, tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner, and then tap or touch on the “Settings” menu.
  2. Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.
  3. Tap on “Time & Language”.
  4. Under “Date & Time”, you will see “Clock” settings.
  5. Tap on “Clock” settings to open the settings page.
  6. Under “Date & Time”, you will see a “Set time” option.
  7. Tap on “Set time” to set the time on your Android device.

To fix this problem, reboot your device or restart it and then connect to the WiFi network again.

13: There Are Too Many Devices Connecting To The WiFi Network

There are many devices connected to the WiFi network at home, and it can be difficult to keep track of which device is using the network. One reason why it can be difficult to determine which device is using the network is that there are so many devices connecting to the WiFi network. Another reason why it can be difficult to determine which device is using the network is that many devices use WiFi for internet access.

14. Supporting team

If all the above solutions you implement but still do not get an internet connection then you have to approach the supporting team, Go to the repair let him analyze is any issue which can be resolved by repairing it, further, the company manufacturing team can resolve this problem, Either phone having mechanism fault or not, They help you out. Sometimes, devices have mechanical or programming earthquakes that need to default.

How to fix the WiFi connection on the Android phone?

  • Check to see if the phone is in airplane mode
  • Reset the phone
  • Clear the cache and cookies
  • Check for updates
  • Reset the network settings

How to fix the WiFi connection on the iPhone?

  • Check if there is a nearby router or modem.
  • Reset the iPhone’s network settings.
  • Check if the WiFi is turned off or not properly connected to the iPhone’s networks
  • Check if the iPhone’s Wi-Fi is enabled in the settings.
  • Reset the iPhone’s settings if the WiFi is not working properly.

After resolving the technical issues you will get your connection back


There are many reasons why your phone might not be able to connect to the internet. If none of these solutions work, contact customer support at your ISP or provider for help.

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