Is Xbox Shutting Keeps Off? Here’s Why And 7 Easy Steps To Fix It

Who in the world doesn’t want to play Xbox? Anyone who loves playing games always wanted to have an Xbox as their gaming gadget. But what if you spend so much money and your Xbox starts shutting off for no reason? Well, this might be annoying and if such a thing happens in between a game this is then super irritating and frustrating stuff to handle.

But here are some of the reasons “why my Xbox is Shutting Keeps Off?” and not signing on. Not only this but also we will be telling you about how to get rid of such a situation in the easiest way possible. So, let’s dig into the article and find some stunning solutions for it. 

Reasons why my Xbox Shutting Keeps Off

Reasons why my Xbox keeps shutting off:

You might have seen that your Xbox keeps shutting off in between games and due to this factor you are losing several matches. This will also bring a question mark on your performance and might people will start thinking that you are the dumbest player playing this match. If all these are the issues then here are some reasons that you should need to know why your Xbox keep shutting off. Let’s get started!

Wrong settings

Most of the time people just get started with the Xbox without changing the default settings. Due to this face different kinds of problems from which the top of the list is inactivity and due to which Xbox keeps shutting down. If you want to get rid of this issue you might need to change your settings default settings.  

Bad ventilation 

We ignore the feature of ventilation which might be the biggest factor if your devices start performing inappropriately. Even in Xbox, you should also need to maintain a proper ventilation system if not done your Xbox will be shutting down due to overheating. Might be possible you also lose your Xbox due to any other overheating damage. 

If you are facing such a problem make sure that the Xbox is having proper ventilation and when Xbox starts heating you should turn it off so that you might not burn it. If even after changing the ventilation area you are still facing the same issue try to clean the vents. In a few of the cases, it is also seen that you need to replace the fan as well. 

High or low power outlet

The high or low power outlet can also be one of the reasons why your Xbox turns off unexpectedly. For this, you need to check the power source or the power cord. By power source, we mean to say the power supply is not coming properly which is required for the Xbox to connect. Sometimes it is also seen that the Xbox power cord is not working properly for this reason you need to change it. Adding more to it you also need to connect the power cord properly if not done properly your Xbox will keep on shutting down even in between of the activity. 

Incompatible power supply

We neglect the power supply issue and because of this, we lose our devices. People never read the voltage/watt prescribed on the instruction and sometimes even plug the device in high or low voltages. This causes damage to devices. In Xbox, you can easily detect this issue by checking the solid white or orange line present on it. If it is completely white then the Xbox is working properly and if not then you need to unplug the supply and let it rest for the next 20 minutes. After this plug it back and it will start working properly. 

Why does my Xbox keep shutting off? 7 easy steps!

Why does my Xbox keep shutting off? 7 easy steps!

Here are the 8 easy peasy steps that will help you in finding the solution to the problem. Don’t go to any other website because we know what you are looking for. We got your back so let’s get started with it!

Below are the complete detailed solutions to all of your problems:

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1. Make sure the Controller is working 

You need to check if the controller is working properly or not. Try following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Press the Xbox button present on your controller.
  • If it doesn’t work you need to long press the power button present on the controller. If still it is not working then there is a problem with your controller. 
  • Now if the above-followed step worked now you need to change the batteries of your controller and here the problem is fixed.
  • Sometimes it is seen that the above step fails now is the time to get a new Xbox controller for yourself. 

2. Effective power supply

The power supply issue is minor but you can not neglect this issue. For this try following the steps and get rid of the problem “why does my Xbox keep shutting off”:

  • Buy some quality power cables that can help you in solving the issue and can be plugged in properly.
  • Look for the LED indicator in the power socket.
  • If you see that the power supply is blinking in yellow or is not lighting up try using a new or working one.
  • Might be possible your Xbox needs service if the power supply is completely orange or white. 

3. Functional Power Strip

If you are confused that what is a power strip. Then here let us explain to you what is exactly the power strip is and why Xbox is facing issues because of it. Well, a power strip is an electrical box having multiple sockets in it and is connected to the main power supply. Here are some of the quick steps that you need to get rid of this issue:

  • Plugin the other devices and check whether they are working properly or not.
  • Try using a different power socket.
  • Through this, you will be able to find if the power strip is the issue in it.
  • Change the power strip and here it is your Xbox will now shut down unexpectedly.

4. Internal Power supply reset

What if the power supply is not coming properly but the urge of playing a game is greater than it? So, you plugged in your power supply and now your Xbox is shutting down. Don’t need to worry about it and try this out!

  • Remove all the power cables from the device.
  • Hold back for 10 seconds to see the magic happen.
  • Insert the power cables back and hold on don’t need to insert the Xbox right now.
  • Look to the LED to see if the power supply is okay or not.
  • If you see a static orange or white light now you can plug in the cable to the console.  

5. Checkout for proper ventilation

Ventilation is the key factor that can damage any device. The same goes with the Xbox if the ventilation is not done properly it will start malfunctioning and you will see the shutting down issue as the major one. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get rid of this ventilation issue. 

  • Try to turn off your Xbox console for an hour.
  • Remove all the appliances or any other thing present around it. 
  • Now it’s time to clean the vent and fans.
  • If still the issue remains the same now it is time to get the console checked and replace the fan with a new one. 

6. Auto Shutdown Feature

Haven’t reset the default setting yet of your Xbox? Maybe you are facing the “why does my Xbox keeps shutting off?” issue due to an inactivity setting. Let’s resolve this issue and get rid of it today! 

  • Visit the profile and system in your Xbox.
  • Now click on the setting and then move toward the general setting.
  • Choose the power and startup option.
  • Then you need to select the turn off after.
  • Now select Don’t turn off automatically.

7. Reach out to customer support

Well time to contact the support team because none of the solutions is working. Here you need to visit Xbox customer support. You can also get connected to them via call or email to solve this issue. Maybe they will ask you to replace the device.

Wrap Up:

If you are a new Xbox user and you are scared all of sudden of what started happening to your Xbox then the above-mentioned point in the article can help you in it. 

But if you are an old user then this issue isn’t an alarming one for you. Still, if these aren’t sufficient try troubleshooting the device and you can easily get to know any in-depth issue present in it. 

We tried our max to address all the possible issues that might occur in your Xbox device. But still, if you are facing try reaching out to the support team. 

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